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Should eCommerce Businesses Only Target a Small Number of Keywords?



Should eCommerce Businesses Only Target a Small Number of Keywords?

Are you handling your own SEO but are new to the industry? You will know that keywords are crucial to any strategy and you might already have some choices in mind. You understand that they will help you rank to the right audience and bring sales to your eCommerce business.

But, there is one big question most eCommerce business owners have. Should you only spend time targeting a small number of keywords? Here is a guide that will help you correctly create your keyword strategy.

Targeting the Same Keywords

So, you have found some great keywords that relate to your eCommerce business. You know that you need to start targeting them. You have several pages on your website and your plan is to use them to rank for the same small number of keywords.

You believe that you are focusing on the most important ones and not casting the net too wide. Many business owners are under the impression this is a good thing. In addition, the appeal of targeting the same keywords is efficiency. You can see it as saving time and being specific.

However, we are here to tell you today that this is not the best SEO strategy to have. In fact, you can do more harm than good to your ranking on Google. You need to adjust your strategy now so that you do not do any more damage. If you are not able to do this, consider hiring expert help.

For example, ClickSlice has an e-commerce process for large and enterprise sites, which can help you fix any problems you have. This includes issues with keywords.

Keyword Cannibalism is a Problem

Have you heard of keyword cannibalism before? You must be aware of this if you target keywords on your eCommerce website. You can end up doing damage to your ranking if this is happening to you.

This is when you target the same keywords on several website pages. You are creating competition, and it means that Google will not know what one should rank first. Generally, it can lead to diluting your efforts, and you do not rank as highly as you want to.

Therefore, know that targeting the same keywords on several web pages is not showing how authoritative you are to Google. Instead, you are asking the search engine to check out the pages and see which one is better than the other. You are making the pages compete against each other and they do not help ranking.

Plus, you do know which one Google is going to rank higher. You might find that it selects the page that has lower conversions, while a higher-converting page is ignored. This can have bad effects on your eCommerce business.

How to Target Keywords Effectively

Consequently, we can see that targeting the same keywords over and over again is not beneficial for eCommerce businesses. Instead, you need to branch out and vary your tactics. Here is how you can target keywords effectively.

Stay Relevant

First, you need to stay relevant. Yes, you want to be including keywords in your content. But, you do not want to rank for things that are unrelated to your eCommerce business.

This will send the wrong customers and those that are not interested in what you have to offer. So, during your research, make sure you stay relevant. Look for keywords that are associated with your industry and eCommerce business.

Go for Long-Tail Keywords

When it comes to keywords, many people are scared of long-tail versions. But, the truth is that they can have lower competition and this can lead to better conversion rates for your website. So, make sure that they are involved in your strategy. You can get some good results when you target different ones, making your website more visible online.

Focus on Quality Content

It is easy to become obsessed with using keywords. Indeed, this can be what leads to cannibalization and keyword stuffing. Note that quality content is something that Google values more and that can keep customers coming back for more. So, with everything you create, quality should be the priority. You want to create information that is easy to read and educational, helping with buying decisions.

Use Keyword Research Tools

Have you ever tried to guess the keywords that are relevant to your eCommerce business? for example, if you sell a variety of notepads, you know that notebooks and notepads are going to be keywords to use. But, you need to branch out and target keywords that have lower competition. This way, you can see better results. A great way to do this is to use keyword research tools. They will make the task a lot easier and uncover great phrases and words you can use that you never thought about.

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