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Home Phones: Doomed? 416,000 AT&T Home Phone Customers Lost In 3 Months



Home Phones: Doomed? 416,000 AT&T Home Phone Customers Lost In 3 Months

(CTN News) – AT&T has announced the results for its third quarter of 2023 and has announced that the company has lost 416,000 home phone customers from both its voice internet protocol service and its traditional phone service in just three months.

Also as part of AT&T’s transition from DSL to fiber and 5G home internet, it lost 28,000 customers as it moved away from its DSL service.

The move comes as AT&T plans to shutter around half of its copper network by the end of 2025, offering its customers the option to use voice over internet protocols (VOIP), or telephone over the internet, as an alternative.

As of now, AT&T customers can keep their DSL connection, but the company is starting to push alternatives to get them to switch, including its new 5G home internet service called AT&T Internet Air, which the company is introducing in the near future.

As a result, some providers such as AT&T are looking to shut down their older copper networks in order to focus on fiber and 5G, which offer greater speeds and are cheaper to operate and maintain.

By running on a more efficient network, telecom companies will be able to save money in the long run, as well as reduce their expenses.

It is also anticipated that the increased fiber infrastructure will also help with the expansion of 5G cellular coverage, which will in turn benefit consumers with better access to faster internet service.

AT&T has gained 296,000 new fiber customers during the third quarter, and 468,000 new post-paid wireless phone subscribers during the third quarter.

We are able to fuel our growth engine by investing in best-of-class 5G and fiber connectivity, as a result of our investments in the best-of-class technology.

In addition to building profitable relationships with our customers, we are also improving our efficiency at the same time in order to achieve that.

As well as allowing us to deliver strong business results, this will help us to ensure that we will be able to raise our free cash flow guidance for the full year,” said AT&T CEO John Stankey.

We are pleased to hear that customers are choosing AT&T over other providers and staying with us in the long run, as we connect and simplify their digital lives.


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