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Junta Chairman Prayuth Chan-ocha Open to Postponing Elections Another 2 Years



Chiang Rai Times

Gen. Prayuth may extend his “road map” to democracy by two years


BANGKOK – Junta chairman and Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha reiterated today that he is willing to delay national elections and stay in power for two more years if “the people” demand it.

Supporters of the military junta, including 26 members of the junta-appointed National Reform Council, have been publicly urging Gen. Prayuth to extend his “road map” to democracy by two years in order to complete the reform process he launched after staging a coup in May 2014.

As it stands now, a national election is expected to be held in September 2016 if the new charter, which is being drafted under the junta’s oversight, passes a national referendum.

Yesterday Gen. Prayuth said he would agree to stay on for two more years if the public approved the measure in a vote. He repeated his stance in a press conference with reporters at Government House today. Below are excerpts from the conference.  Read More….

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