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Father in Southern Thailand Offer Bt10 Million to Any Man Who Wins His Daughters Heart



CHUMPHON – A durian trader in the southern Thailand has made a public offer of 10 million baht in cash, as well as other assets, to any man who wins the heart of his 26-year-old daughter and agrees to continue running his family business.

“Anyone who knows how to buy and select durian and source the fruit from orchards can take my daughter’s hand.” I won’t ask for a single baht in dowry from him but will instead give him 10 million baht in cash, 10 vehicles, a house, two durian markets and the daughter who graduated with honours from Assumption University and had a master’s degree from Sun Yat-sen University in China,” Anont Rotthong wrote in his Facebook page on Saturday.

He was Not joking.

When reporters asked him for more information, Mr Anont said if he waited any longer, his daughter might be too old for marriage. As for himself, he was ready to retire and hand over his durian trade and export business to the next generation so he could spend all his time on his amulet business.

“The man who will join my family must be good and must not be a gambler. Importantly, he must be hard-working and truly love my daughter,” said the father, who had been in the durian business for two decades.

His daughter, daughter who graduated with honours from Assumption University, does not object his decision.

Mr Anont runs two durian markets in Chumphon, including the one at Uay Chai market in tambon Wang Takor of Lang Suan district.

He said his future son-in-law didn’t need to be rich and well-educated. The father said he had started his business with nothing and would like to give the opportunity to any man who was diligent. He said he could get to know his potential sons-in-law more as they work together.

His daughter, whose hand he was about to give, does not object his decision.

“At first, I thought my dad was joking but it turns out he’s seriously looking for a son-in-law. My siblings and I respect his decision,” said his youngest and only single daughter, Kansita Rotthong.

A decent man who works hard and loves his family is good enough for her, she said.

Her elder siblings already had families. “My dad may fear he won’t know his son-in-law in this life,” Miss Kansita said jokingly.

Source: Bangkok Post, Tharath


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