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Southern Thailand

Cargo Train Crashes in Pickup in Southern Thailand



A cargo train crashed into a pickup truck carrying a family of three at a level crossing in Hat Yai district on Tuesday morning.

The fatal collision occurred at a crossing where there are warning lights but no barriers, about 10am.

Empty cargo train was travelling from Padang Besar in Sadao district, near the Malaysian border, to Hat Yai district. It hit the black Chevrolet pickup truck on the passenger side.

The impact carried the truck about 300 metres from the crossing. The train engine was only slightly damaged and it later continued on to Hat Yai.

The pickup driver, Chatchai Saengsupa, 18, was taking his father Chaiwat, 51, and mother Nuban, 48, to hospital.

Mr Chatchai said he did not see the train approaching but his father did and told him to hurry across. When he floored the accelerator the engine stalled. consequently leaving the truck stranded on the tracks. As a result the train hit the left side, where his father sat.

The father was severely injured. According to the Bangkok Post all three family members were taken to Songklanagarind Hospital.

Source: Hat Yai Focus, Bangkok Post

Photo’s of Truck after Train Crash at Railway Crossing


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