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Northern Thailand

Provinces in Northern Thailand Impose Restrictions to Curb Covid-19



Thai Health Department Reports Record 13,002 Covid-19 Cases

Health officials in northern Thailand’s Chiang Mai province report they are are struggling to contain a wave of covid-19 cases. Chiang Mai registered 196 new Covid-19 infections on Sunday bringing the new case total to 2,233.

The provincial public health office did not provide details about the 196 new cases after reporting 140 cases on Friday and 164 on Saturday.

Chiang Mai has been hard hit by the latest wave of Covod-19 cases in Thailand, Chiang Mai is second to Bangkok in the new covid-19 cases, with most cases linked to entertainment venues. The province is now one of the 18 red zones in Thailand that face strict regulations to curb the virus spread.

In “Red Zone” provinces, dining at restaurants is only allowed until 9pm and sales of takeaway food until 11pm. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is banned at restaurants.

Citizens in Chiang Rai Advised to Stay Home

Shopping centres, department stores and community malls close at 9pm and visitor numbers must be limited. They are not allowed to organize promotional events or open amusement areas and game arcades on their premises.

Convenience stores, supermarkets, flea markets and walking streets must close at 11pm.

Sports fields, exercise venues, gymnasiums and fitness clubs must close at 9pm. Sports competitions are permitted with limited numbers of spectators.

Meanwhile, Northern Thailand’s northern most province Chiang Rai has announced a ‘request’ that citizens stay at home for the next 14 days, to curb covid-19 cases that hit 99 as of Saturday. Chiang Rai has also imposed restrictions of people entering the province from red zone areas.

Phichit and Lampang provinces are the latest provinces in northern Thailand to also impose a variety of covid-19 restrictions on people entering their provinces.

If you are travelling, or planning to travel, it would be recommended to pre-load the Mor Chana app on your phones and fill out the information. This will help avoid some delays as you arrive in new provinces.

Visitors are advised to check updated information at as the rules are different in each province.

Source: CTN News, Bangkok Post

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