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Baby Panda Cub in China gets first Checkup – Video



CHINA – A one month-old giant panda that was born in a zoo in the city of Guangzhou was shown to media cameras for the first time Saturday.

A month ago, the cub was born at Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park, the first birth in the southern region this year, and has been staying with its mother “Meiqing” ever since.

On Saturday morning, zookeepers and experts performed the first overall physical exams on the baby panda measuring its weight, temperature and size, and conducting cardiopulmonary examinations involving blood oxygen levels, heart rate and breathing patterns.

Experts said after examinations that the baby panda weighed 1,250 grams and was 23 centimeters long. They added that the baby panda is in good physical condition.

“It looks like up to now, the mother giant panda has taken care of its cub quite well due to its strong motherhood (abilities) and the cub has also stayed well with its mother,” said Yang Jie, an expert on giant pandas.

“It’s very difficult to determine the sex of a baby panda during their first year after being born. According to our preliminary judgment, this cub may be a female,” said Dong Guixin, the general manager of Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park.

According to zoo officials, the public will have to wait for some time before the cub makes its first appearance in public.

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