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Massage Parlour Boss Arrested for Trafficking Minors



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The owner of a Thai massage parlour in Bangkok that was closed down over trafficking minors was arrested on Monday after almost six years on the lam.

Bangkok Police told a press briefing that Mr. Prasert “Kolak” Sukkhee, 63, was arrested for trafficking of minors at Nataree Thai massage parlour, which was raided by police in 2016.

The police raid followed a complaint by Nvader, an international NGO that the Nataree Thai massage parlour trafficked minors to work as sex workers.

Authorities found eight girls under the age of 18 among the 121 sex workers working at the Thai massage parlour. The case also gained public scrutiny after a probe revealed the managers of the massage parlour paid huge bribes to police officers in order to operate.

Mr. Prasert and seven other people wanted by the police on human trafficking charges went on the run before authorities could arrest them. Mr. Prasert was arrested this week on charges of human trafficking, prostitution of minors, money laundering and harbouring illegal migrants.

In 2017, Bangkok’s Criminal Court sentenced five other people to up to 13 years in prison for procuring minors and migrants into prostitution.

A supervisor of the Massage parlour was sentenced to a total of 13 years in jail on six charges. While the managing director of PSS Entertainment Co which ran Nataree Thai massage parlour was sentenced to 12 years and six months in jail. Both were also fined a measly 15,000 baht.

Three other people involved were sentenced to eight and a half years each for employing minors as prostitutes. The company PSS Entertainment was fined 655,000 baht.

Source: Bangkok Post


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