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Top 12 Reasons Why AWS Direct Connect is a Good Option for Your Business



AWS direct connect

The on-premises servers of companies creating hybrid cloud solutions must be seamlessly connected to the AWS Cloud. On rare occasions, it may be necessary to connect to AWS (Amazon Web Services) directly from your internal network rather than over the public internet. However, why do you wish to do it? Public Internet connections are typically extremely pricey, offer no guarantee of dependable network performance, and have extremely high latency. Here’s where AWS direct connect comes into play. With this service from AWS, you can create an immediate, secure, and dedicated connection to the cloud provider.

We will go into greater detail about AWS Direct Connect, including what it is, how it works, and why you should think about working with a provider of such services.

AWS Direct Connect: What Is It?

You can use your local (on-premises) infrastructure to connect to private and public AWS Cloud services via AWS Direct Connect, a fast, low-latency connection. In order to lessen network instability and congestion, the link is enabled over specialized lines and avoids the public Internet.

When compared to connecting over the open Internet, this private link between AWS and your data center, colocation facility, or office can frequently save your network costs, enhance bandwidth throughput, and offer a more reliable network experience.

AWS direct connect

Benefits of AWS Direct Connect

Increased Security

With a variety of encryption options, protect your data as it travels between your network and AWS. Data transmission across the open internet is less secure than using AWS Direct Connect, which offers a private, dedicated connection to AWS. Organizations handling sensitive data or adhering to security rules relevant to their business can benefit from this.

Elastic Bandwidth

Thanks to the customizable bandwidth options offered by AWS Direct Connect, businesses may choose the best degree of connectivity based on their requirements. AWS DX connection can be easily scaled to meet demands by adding additional connections or by choosing a connection with more bandwidth. Enterprises can simply expand their network connectivity to meet growing demands as data transmission needs increase without the limitations typically associated with internet-based connections.

Lower The Cost Of Data Transfer

Utilizing AWS Direct Connect has several benefits, but one of the most significant is financial.

With Direct Connect, network connectivity costs from local to Amazon services like S3 or EC2 are decreased, and the public Internet is completely avoided. Every bit of information sent through AWS Direct Connect is charged at the less expensive AWS Direct Connect data transfer rate rather than the Internet data transfer cost.

Dependable Network Performance

By avoiding the public Internet and connecting directly to AWS, you can increase application performance. AWS Direct Connect offers more reliable network performance than the public Internet, which can be fairly variable.

What Are AWS Direct Connect’s Features?

AWS Direct Connect is a service that enables users to connect directly to the AWS environment while being in their existing environment.This connection is created using a typical fiber-optic Ethernet cable. Since a direct connection is made, this function has the advantage of being both time and money efficient and of avoiding internet service providers in the way. You can build a virtual private cloud (VPC) with this connection. Accessing the public AWS services in the public regions or availability zones only requires one connection.

Accessing both public and private resources is made easier with the use of virtual interfaces. The term “public resources access” in this context refers to objects that are stored in Amazon S3 and are accessible. On the other hand, limited-access capabilities like Virtual Private Cloud are referred to as private resources access.

The distinction between the public and private interfaces is well defined. Compared to alternative network-based connections, AWS direct significantly lowers network costs, increases bandwidth throughput, and aids in providing consumers with a better network experience. The AWS Management console makes it simple to use AWS Direct Connect.

AWS direct connect

Why Should You Consider A Company That Offers AWS Direct Connect Services?

There are several reasons why you should consider a company that offers AWS Direct Connect services:

Expertise and Experience

A company specializing in AWS Direct Connect services will have extensive expertise and experience in setting up and managing dedicated connections to AWS. They will understand the best practices, configurations, and optimizations required for a smooth and efficient Direct Connect deployment.

Network Infrastructure

Establishing a Direct Connect connection requires physical connectivity between your on-premises data center and AWS Direct Connect locations. A company offering Direct Connect services will have a robust network infrastructure with multiple points of presence (PoPs) in different geographic regions, ensuring reliable and low-latency connectivity options for your organization.

  Seamless Integration

A dedicated AWS Direct Connect provider will offer seamless integration with your existing network infrastructure. They will work with you to design and implement the most efficient and secure connectivity solution, considering your specific requirements, network architecture, and compliance needs.

Scalability and Flexibility

A reputable Direct Connect service provider will offer flexible bandwidth options, allowing you to scale your connectivity as your organization’s needs evolve. They can help you optimize your connectivity for high availability, load balancing, and redundancy, ensuring that your network is capable of handling increased data transfer demands.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Data security is crucial when connecting your on-premises infrastructure to the AWS cloud. A company offering AWS Direct Connect services will have robust security measures in place, such as encryption, access controls, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. They can help you meet your specific security and compliance requirements, providing peace of mind for sensitive data handling.

Support and Monitoring

A reliable Direct Connect service provider will offer ongoing support and monitoring to ensure the performance, availability, and security of your connectivity. They will have dedicated technical support teams available 24/7 to address any issues promptly and minimize downtime.

Cost Optimization

Working with a company that offers AWS Direct Connect services can help you optimize costs associated with your connectivity. They can advise on the most cost-effective bandwidth options, guide you on data transfer pricing, and help you plan and optimize your network infrastructure for efficiency.

Value-Added Services

Some AWS Direct Connect service providers offer additional value-added services that can enhance your connectivity experience. This can include network optimization, traffic engineering, performance monitoring and reporting, and customized solutions tailored to your specific business needs.


Customers who have existing data centers but are not yet ready to retire them want to be able to use those facilities in addition to AWS infrastructure. You can then access both public and private AWS Cloud services using a low-latency, high-speed connection that is archived by AWS Direct Connect.


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