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Web Version Of WhatsApp Adds ‘Link With Phone Number’ Feature



Web Version Of WhatsApp Adds 'Link With Phone Number' Feature

(CTN News) – The latest beta release of WhatsApp for Android users comes with an interesting new feature that you shouldn’t miss.

A new link has been added to WhatsApp Web that allows you to add a phone number to your profile. There is now a new feature that allows users to directly link their Whats App accounts to WhatsApp Web without the need to scan a QR code with the new update version

With this functionality, users will now be able to add additional devices to their WhatsApp accounts without needing to scan a QR code.

It is currently only available to a few beta testers who have been granted permission to use the new option. In a few weeks, though, a larger audience will be able to access it, and it will be rolled out to a wider audience.

Using this feature, users will have the opportunity to link a device using their primary account number and a one-time code that will be generated by WhatsApp Web for them.

In the current state of affairs, users are able to access the web version of Whats App by scanning a QR code. The “Link with phone number” feature will allow you to connect your WhatsApp account to the web version of Whats App in a variety of ways.

As a first step toward using the Link with phone number feature, there are a few simple steps that you must take.

Using WhatsApp Web, you will be able to connect your desktop computer to Whats App.

Select the new option “Link with phone number” from the drop-down menu.

Following the entry of their phone number and country, you will be given an 8-character code that you will need to enter.

If you receive a notification about this code, you will need to enter it into your WhatsApp mobile app after receiving it.

That’s all it takes for you to connect your new gadget to your App account. That’s all there is to it. With WhatsApp Web, you can now easily link your accounts to any desktop device that is compatible by simply entering the phone number and the one-time code, which will automatically link your accounts.


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