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Rolex Is a True-Blue Grail For Drake



Rolex Is a True-Blue Grail For Drake

(CTN News) – Nobody attacks Rolex watch collecting like Drake, who seems ready to dive into every corner of it. There’s a chance he’ll sport a Patek Philippe customized by Virgil Abloh one day.

He might also wear a horny Richard Mille the next, and a rare version of a Patek Philippe Ellipse inspired by Queen Elizabeth II.

Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman,” famously one of the watch world’s most sought-after grails, wore the watch last weekend. Even though he’s done a lot of watch flexing, this might be his finest.

Uninitiated: Paul Newman wore this style of Daytona. That’s simple enough! In spite of Newman’s endorsement, this watch was unloved by most collectors before he wore it.

All of a sudden, it wasn’t. You’ll find some funky features on this watch, like a sunken outer edge in a different color than the center and those jaunty numerals.

Collectors used to be scared off by these details, but now they’re what makes this watch one of the holy grails of the hobby.

Drake’s new Daytona Rolex might not have belonged to Newman, but it has a special connection to him.

Adam Golden, who sourced this piece, explained in an Instagram comment that “this one came straight from the original owner from Toronto.” Drake is actually from Toronto, in case you didn’t know. It’s pretty cool.

Vacheron Constantin 222 by Jeremy Allen White 

I’ve discovered we have a lot in common with Jeremy Allen White. In The Bear, he plays a tortured chef with pristine white T-shirts.

Food and tees are also my passions. He had pastrami at Langer’s last year; so did I. The reason was Rolex technically that we were there at the same time, conducting an interview for GQ’s Men of the Year issue.

However, I’d argue that it’s also because we both love pastrami. He was a delight, in case you’re wondering. Now, at this year’s Critic’s Choice Awards, he outs himself as a watch nerd.

My favorite 2022 release was his VC 222, a revival of the brand’s sporty watch from the 1970s. Like in Step Brothers: “Did we just become best friends?” “Yes.”

Curry’s Rolex Deepsea Sea Dweller 

Watch collecting has shifted to sport watches. You can wear these tough stainless steel pieces on dates, red carpets, and business meetings.

On the other hand, ocean-exploration watches like Curry’s Deepsea aren’t quite as popular. When you’re celebrating your NBA title at the White House, you can wear whatever you want.

Watched by Frances Tiafoe

No one looked cooler at the Australian Open than Frances Tiafoe. The swirly technicolor set shouldn’t be controversial — it’s awesome.

Also, Tiafoe wore a stylish watch to Netflix’s upcoming tennis documentary series Break Point.

In the same way Break Point lets viewers see inside the Rolex tennis world, this version of the Tag Heuer Carrera is skeletonized. This is exactly the parallel Tiafoe was drawing.


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