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Fire Emblem Engage: How To Get The Silver Card



Fire Emblem Engage: How To Get The Silver Card

(CTN News) – Introducing a new fantasy realm full of danger and excitement, Fire Emblem Engage is out now on Nintendo Switch.

It is imperative for players to strategize and manage their inventory in order to accomplish this goal.

Obtaining the Silver Card, which can be obtained in the game, will help with the latter. Detailed information about it can be found here.

When it comes to Fire Emblem Engage, the Silver Card is indispensable for lowering prices in all shops

A passing mention of the Silver Card may have appeared in the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass. All prices across the game’s shops, including the armory and item shop, are reduced by 30% with this item.

As a result, players will be able to purchase more items in general thanks to the discount. Upon purchasing the Expansion Pass, players will receive the item. If you don’t have the DLC or don’t intend to get it, don’t worry.

There is a legitimate way to obtain it in Fire Emblem Engage.

Tiki’s Divine Paralogue map contains the Silver Card in the Dragon Temple battle when undertaking the main mission. As soon as you receive the Edelgard Emblem, you are able to unlock it.

On the battle map, near where players encounter the adorable dragon girl for the first time, the item is located near a small pond. It is only accessible by teleporting your unit since it is out of bounds.

You can do this by using a Warp Staff, so players should make sure they have one on hand. A chest can be found on the left side of the map for those who are exploring the area for the first time in Fire Emblem Engage.

Select the unit with the staff, then use the warp option to place another unit outside the area.

Characters with mounts are recommended since they have excellent mobility across the terrain, enabling them to traverse large distances quickly. Due to the turn-based nature of Fire Emblem Engage, this should allow them to obtain the Silver Card as quickly as possible.

The Silver Card can be obtained from the glowing portion beside the pond. After traveling around the castle wall, the warped unit can meet up with the rest of the team.

It is advisable to warp them back since this will take time. On the warped unit, equip the Emblem Celicia. Warp Ragnarok is her Engage Attack, which allows users to teleport themselves to a location on the map.

After this, players only need to finish the battle to receive the rewards, and the item can be used permanently. Because the Silver Card does not expire or consume, players can use it for as long as they keep it in their inventory.

On the Nintendo Switch hybrid console, Fire Emblem Engage is available exclusively.


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