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47 Year-Old Norwegian Man Found Hanged in Hua Hin

Norwegian hanged

A 47 year-old Norwegian man was found hanged at his rented house in Hin Hua Hin Paradise Village housing estate on Monday. Police rushed to house after being informed of the death.

Upon arrival they found the body of Mr. Jens-Erik Engebretsen, 47, hung with black electrical wire on the back porch. At the scene discovered two empty beer cans, three glasses and two sets of dishes, spoons and forks.

There were also cigarettes and an ashtray on a table, as well as a toppled stool. Police also found a mobile phone at the bottom of the swimming pool.

Norwegian hanged

The deceased was wearing jeans shorts and had a tattoo on its right arm. No wounds were visible on the body, except for some scratches on the knees. Apparently caused by scraping against the ground at the time of the hanging.

Swimming pool service provider Wirote Kampanwong said he found Engebretsen, when he arrived at the house for his regular pool maintenance. He said Engebretsen, had rented the house for six months.

Police collected fingerprints and other evidence at the scene. They have not ruled on any possible cause of the death, including suicide and murder. The body was moved to Hua Hin Hospital.

Source: Line News, Bangkok Post

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