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Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower To Peak Between July 29-31: Here’s How To Watch

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Delta Aquariids Meteor Shower To Peak Between July 29-31 Here's How To Watch

(CTN News) – At the end of this month, a new celestial event will reach its peak stage. The Delta Aquariids Meteor shower is expected to peak between July 29 and July 31 (based on different time zones) and might be visible without the Moon.

Astronomers predict that the meteoroids will emerge from the constellation Aquarius and will be visible in the southern sky.

Where do the Aquariids meteors Shower come from?

Meteors, as we know them, are remnants of asteroid fragments that broke while traversing the universe.

They leave behind dust trails when they orbit the sun if they’re in our solar system. As our planet passes through these trails every year, some meteors collide with the Earth’s atmosphere, leaving fiery and colorful streaks.

It is also suspected that Aquariids are leftovers from 96P/Machholz, a short-orbit comet that orbits the sun every five years.

This comet, discovered in 1986 by US-based astronomer Donald Machholz, has a nucleus measuring 6.4 kilometers, according to NASA.

How and when to watch the Aquariids meteor shower? predicts the meteor shower will peak between 2 am and 2 am between the dates mentioned above. Since the shower would be faint, the Moon could drown out the meteor streaks.

Find a dark location away from artificial lights to ensure you don’t miss the event. About 20 meteors are expected to travel at a speed of 41 kph during the shower.

The Delta Aquariids shower began on July 18 and will continue until August 21, but you can catch it at the end of July if you are lucky.

If you cannot see the Aquariids, wait until August 13 when the Perseids meteor shower peaks. From July 14 to September 1, the Perseids will be visible.

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