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Lyrid Meteor Shower 2022: What Is This Celestial Event? When & Where?

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Lyrid Meteor Shower 2022 What Is This Celestial Event When & Where

(CTN News) – On Friday night and Saturday morning, the Lyrid meteor shower will light up the sky. It will peak on April 22 and watchers can spot up to 20 meteors every hour. The Lyrid meteor shower begins on April 15 and will continue until April 29. The moon, however, might reduce the visibility of the Lyrid meteor shower as it will be two-thirds full tonight.

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The Lyrid meteor shower: A history

A Lyrid meteor shower generally occurs when the Earth collides with a debris cloud of broken asteroids. Each year, our planet passes through these debris clouds, which interact with the Earth’s atmosphere. The debris disintegrates when it collides with the atmosphere and creates colorful streaks of light.

Lyrids are the remains of comet C/1861 G1 or ‘Thatcher’, named after A. Thatcher, who discovered it on April 5, 1861. Observations of the Lyrids date back to 687 BC, when the Chinese first observed them. Lyrids are not known for being abundant, but they are fast and bright meteors that can even produce 100 meteors per hour. Astronomers estimate the Lyrid meteors shower has an orbital period of 415 years and will return to the inner solar system in 2276.

Where and when to watch the celestial event?

In the northern hemisphere, the Lyrids will be best visible during the dark hours, so stargazers from India can also see them. The celestial event is expected to peak around 8 pm (IST), although visibility will depend on the brightness of the moon. In addition to light pollution, artificial light can also obstruct the view. A dark, free artificial light place is recommended for observers to compensate for the moon’s brightness. It is also recommended that you allow 30 minutes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness, which will make sightseeing even more enjoyable.

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