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Solar Eclipse 2022: When Is Surya Grahan? Date, Time And More

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Solar Eclipse 2022 When Is Surya Grahan Date, Time And More

(CTN News) – Surya Grahan, the first solar eclipse of 2022, will occur on April 30 and will last for approximately four hours. There will be a partial eclipse of the sun at 12:15 pm (IST) and it will last until 4 pm (IST). However, those in South America, the Atlantic Ocean, the Antarctic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean will not be able to see the celestial event.

How does a solar eclipse occur?

It occurs when the moon, the Earth, and the Sun line up in a straight line, and the moon blocks the star from seeing our planet. The moon blocks the Sun’s light and casts a shadow on Earth when it intervenes. In this case, the eclipse will be partial. About 4.7 days before the moon reaches its farthest point from Earth, a partial solar eclipse occurs.

This solar eclipse is a very deep partial eclipse since it will obscure about half the sunlight and will only be visible from sparsely populated areas of the planet. Astronomers have classified eclipses into four categories: total, annular, partial, and hybrid. Two total lunar eclipses and two partial solar eclipses will take place in 2022 and will be visible depending on the region and time of the event. On October 25, astronomers predict a partial solar eclipse will occur when the moon again aligns itself with the sun and Earth almost in a straight line.

Common ‘Dos and Donts’ during a solar eclipse

During a solar eclipse, individuals follow a variety of Hindu rules. Many individuals avoid using sharp instruments during the eclipse, and many avoid eating during the eclipse. A person should consume food at least two hours before an eclipse, however. In spite of the eclipse not being visible from India, those who are able to see it are advised not to look at the Sun directly without protective glasses.

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