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Northern Thailand

Two Seriously Injured After Bus Crashes in Northern Thailand



BANGKOK – Two people were seriously injured when a bus carrying 40 passengers lost control and crashed into a roadside tree in Lampang province early on Sunday.

The accident took place a little past midnight, the two injured people were sent to a local hospital.

Most of those who escaped unharmed could not tell police how the bus crash had happened as they were asleep.

Police suspected the bus crash was either caused by the bus skidding on the slippery road or the driver falling asleep at the wheel.

Video from Accident Scene of Bus Crash

The bus was carrying 40 employees of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) after a field trip to Chanthaburi province.

Buses are supposed to be safe, but here in Thailand the safety regulations, when they exist, are hardly ever enforced.

News reports appear in local newspapers several times a month of bus crashes in Thailand.

Bus drivers are Not Properly Trained and Drive too Fast

In many cases, bus drivers in Thailand are not properly trained and so are not skilled at avoiding accidents.

They also drive far too fast, especially in poor road conditions. Sometimes even overtake slower moving vehicles on dangerous stretches of roads.

Traveling at night is Particularly Dangerous

Traveling by long-distance bus in Thailand at night can be particularly dangerous. That’s because the drivers are sometimes too tired to drive long stretches and do occasionally fall asleep.

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