Chinese Tour Agent Falls to His Death in Pattaya, Thailand



A Chinese tour agent died late Monday night after falling from the rooftop of a hotel in Pattaya, Thailand, and police discovered evidence that his third-floor room had been broken into.

The man fell from the Mantra Pura Hotel on North Pattaya Road in tambon Na Klua, Bang Lamung district. At 11.46 p.m., his death was reported to Pattaya police.

The body of Chen Pu Lin, 33, was discovered in a pool of blood on a walkway beside the building by police and rescuers dispatched to the scene. He was only wearing his underwear.

A pool of blood was also discovered on the hotel’s rooftop. There were traces of a forced entry through the door in room 355, where the man stayed, but the room had not been ransacked. The room was sealed off for further investigation.

According to tour guides, the man was part of a group of four from a Chinese tour agency. They arrived in Pattaya on January 13 to conduct a tourist spot survey.

On Monday night, his three colleagues went out for a night tour, Chen told them he was sick and would stay in his room. According to the guides, the man had no quarrels or problems with anyone prior to his fatal plunge.

While awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine the cause of the tourist’s death, forensic police were scheduled to examine the room and view security camera footage from the hotel.

Tourist Goes on a Rampage in Pattaya 7-Eleven

Meanwhile, a foreign tourist was arrested early this morning after going on a convenience store rampage in Pattaya, and he has so far refused to cooperate with police.

At 4 a.m., Pattaya police were notified of a tourist who entered a 7-Eleven on Walking Street and proceeded to destroy merchandise before running into the glass door, shattering it with his body.

Kanya Inpanon, a store cashier, was also cut by the shattered glass, a motorbike taxi driver, tried to stop him, the tourist headbutted him.

The suspect, who has yet to be identified, then fled to another convenience store, where he was apprehended by police.

The tourist was cut on his right hand and left leg. He was sent for treatment at the Pattaya City Hospital before being transferred to Pattaya Police Station.

While initial reports suggested the man was Russian, Pattaya police told Coconuts that his nationality could not be confirmed because he lacked identification.

According to police, the man, who is between the ages of 35 and 40, has “not been cooperative.” An officer stated that the man appeared intoxicated, but he was unsure whether he was drunk or high on drugs.


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