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Thai Food Delivery Rider Flies to Singapore for Chicken Rice



Thai Food Delivery Rider Flies to Singapore for Chicken Rice

(CTN News) – A customer’s yearning for Singaporean chicken rice prompted a delivery rider to travel there, much to the surprise of his fellow passengers. TikTok user @thita.vy recorded and posted a video of the unusual occurrence online, generating much curiosity and laughter.

The video clip opened with the rider leaving an unnamed Thai airport en route to Changi Airport in Singapore, carrying his trademark food delivery bag.

The TikTok user @thita.vy, who was also on the same trip, related how at first she didn’t understand why anyone would want to have food delivered to the airport.

Sanook said that she was shocked to learn that the rider had been hired specifically to buy chicken rice in Singapore.

The video creator questioned the passenger.

Should you go through all that trouble to get some food?

The cab driver revealed that he had been contracted to get the Singaporean dish. The TikTok user joked that she might purchase bubble milk tea from Taiwan the next time around in the hopes that the rider would fly there and get some for her.

After the online video became viral, people had a lot to say about it in the comments area. Others found it unexpected, given the lengths to which people will go in order to afford such services, while others assumed the incident was manufactured for content production.

A LINE Man driver in the central Thai province of Nonthaburi said last year that he had been hired as a spy by a woman who suspected her partner of cheating.

LINE Man is a service that delivers meals, groceries, packages, messengers, taxis and in this case, conducts investigations.

A (pseudonym) was performing his regular nighttime duties for LINE Man back in July. At 1:32 in the morning, he got a food order and a message from a customer. The lady requested that A keep a low profile about the house in order to gather intel for her.

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