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Supreme Court Rejects Alabama’s Racially Gerrymandered District Map



Supreme Court Rejects Alabama's Racially Gerrymandered District Map

(CTN News) – In a significant legal blow to Alabama Republicans, the Supreme Court has once again invalidated their attempt to utilize a congressional district map that includes only one majority-Black district.

This decision marks the second time in three months that the Supreme Court has ruled against such a map, emphasizing the need for fair representation.

Alabama’s Persistent Resistance to a Fair District Map

Earlier this summer, the Supreme Court rejected a similar GOP-drawn congressional map, instructing Alabama to create at least two majority-Black districts to address racial discrimination issues under the Voting Rights Act.

However, Alabama Republicans remained defiant and approved another problematic map, prompting them to seek Supreme Court intervention to block lower court rulings against it.

Supreme Court’s Resounding Rejection of Alabama’s Request

In a concise statement, the Supreme Court denied Alabama’s request, stating, “The application for stay presented to Justice Thomas and by him referred to the Court is denied.” Notably, there were no dissenting opinions. As a result, Alabama is now obligated to adopt a map that includes at least two majority-Black districts, ensuring fair representation.

Implications for Alabama and Beyond

This ruling by the Supreme Court has far-reaching implications, potentially influencing the political landscape in the South and the outcome of the 2024 elections. Several other states, including Louisiana, South Carolina, and Georgia, are also facing legal challenges related to racially gerrymandered districts. As a result of this decision, these states may need to redraw their district maps, potentially leading to a more equitable representation in the coming elections.

The Road Ahead for Alabama

Alabama has a tight deadline, with until October 1 to finalize a new map in preparation for the 2024 election. This process will involve reassigning voters, as well as printing and distributing new ballots. Given that more than a quarter of Alabama’s residents are Black, the new map aims to rectify the imbalance, where currently only one of the seven congressional districts is majority-Black.

Impact on Democrats’ House Prospects

The Supreme Court’s ruling affects Alabama and could impact the Democratic Party’s chances of retaking the House of Representatives in 2024. With several states facing legal challenges over racially gerrymandered districts, a different electoral map could emerge, potentially reshaping the political landscape.


The Supreme Court’s decision to reject Alabama’s attempt to maintain a racially gerrymandered congressional map underscores the importance of fair representation and equitable voting practices. This ruling carries implications not only for Alabama but for other states facing similar challenges, with the potential to reshape the political landscape in the South and influence the outcome of the 2024 elections.

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