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Police Shed More Light on Carlee Russell Disappearance Case



Police Shed More Light on Carlee Russell Disappearance Case

Police have released new information over Carlee Russell, an Alabama mother who vanished for 49 hours last week after dialing 911 to report a toddler wandering alone along the roadside.

Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis stated during a press conference that although the investigation is ongoing, there is no current threat to the neighbourhood, which is located just south of Birmingham.

Derzis informed the media that no one had reported a missing child and that there was no proof of one either.

Although they wish to speak with Russell again, the chief claimed that police “have been unable to verify” the majority of her initial account.

Russell’s mother has stated that she thinks her daughter was kidnapped before arriving back at home on foot two days later. Talitha Robinson-Russell made the comment to CNN. “Carlee has given detectives her statement and hopefully they are pursuing her abductor,” she added.

Derzis informed the media that detectives had discovered Carlee Russell had taken things from work, eaten at a restaurant, and purchased snacks at Target before going missing. He also mentioned the web searches she had done on her phone before she vanished.

According to the Hoover Police Department, Carlee Russell called 911 while on her way home from her job in Birmingham, about 10 miles to the north, on Thursday. She said she was stopping her car to check on a child, and then she called a family member who had lost contact with her, though the line was still open.

According to the Hoover Police Department, Carlee Russell called 911 while on her way home

What is known about the Carlee Russell probe is as follows:

Russell has not been in contact with police since shortly after she got home on Saturday.

Derzis told reporters that when she stepped out of the car on Thursday to check on the youngster, a man emerged from the trees and murmured that he was doing the same. Derzis later informed detectives this.

He added, “She claimed that the man picked her up after she screamed.” Russell reportedly informed police that a man forced her to jump a fence and push her into a car, according to the chief.

“The next thing she recalls is being in an 18-wheeler trailer. She claimed that the male was with a female, but she had never seen or heard the female. She also informed the police that she could hear a baby sobbing, according to Derzis.

Russell informed the police that her kidnapper had a bald patch and orange hair. She claimed that after managing to get away from the 18-wheeler at one point, she was recaptured and forced into a car.

The captors allegedly told her they didn’t want to leave impressions on her wrists, so she said they had blindfolded her but left her untethered. She claimed they took her into a house and forced her to take off her clothes. She thinks they took pictures of her, but she doesn’t remember them making sexual or physical contact with her,” he continued.

The woman fed Russell cheese crackers and toyed with her hair when she woke up, Russell informed police the next day.

Russell reportedly informed police that after being put back in the car, she was able to flee, according to the chief. Before emerging close to her house, she claimed to have run into the woods, Derzis added.

According to Hoover police, Russell returned home on foot about 10:45 on Saturday. She was reportedly taken to a hospital, treated there, and then discharged.

The detectives want to talk to her once more.

The chief told reporters, “The family has stated to us that they didn’t think that in her mental state right now due to incident trauma, that she’s not ready to talk.”

Her parents claimed she was kidnapped on NBC’s “Today” on Tuesday.

“She unquestionably battled for her life. There were times when she had to physically battle for her life, and there were times when she had to fight for her life emotionally, according to Robinson-Russell.

Police searched Carlee Russell’s cell phone Thursday for information after discovering it.

They came across “Do you have to pay for an amber alert?” inquiries on the internet. and “How to steal cash from a register covertly.”

Derzis claimed that Russell’s phone’s history included searches for bus tickets from Birmingham to Nashville and the abduction-themed film “Taken.”

Last Thursday, when police arrived at Russell’s car, they found her wig and mobile phone in the grass close to it and her handbag on the front seat, but they could not find her or the child. Food from a restaurant was in the vehicle.

The dark-colored bathrobe, toilet paper, and “other items belonging to the business,” according to Derzis, were among the items she reportedly hid at work before leaving. Police also didn’t discover the snacks she purchased at Target after leaving work.

Derzis claimed that despite multiple automobiles passing by that area, police have not discovered any proof of a toddler strolling down the motorway and have not received any additional reports about it.

The “only report of a child on the interstate” continues to be Russell’s 911 call, and no one has reported a child missing, according to Derzis.

According to an app on her phone, she made the call to the child on the side of the road while driving 600 yards down the motorway, he said.

At the news conference on Wednesday, the chief declared that Carlee was the only one who could address all of the outstanding concerns.

Russell quit her employment at a company in Birmingham on Thursday at around 8:20 p.m. Derzis claims that the business’s surveillance cameras captured her hiding items before she departed. She stopped for meals after work, according to the authorities, before travelling south on Interstate 459 towards Hoover.

Russell stopped at a Target to buy granola bars and Cheez-Its after picking up her meal order, the chief claimed.

Russell called 911 at around 9:34 p.m. to report spotting a toddler walking down the side of the highway while wearing just a diaper. Police claim that Russell informed the 911 operator and a subsequent family member that she was stopping to check on the child.

According to Russell’s mother, who spoke to WBRC, Russell was on the phone with her sister-in-law, who overheard Russell asking someone if they were OK. According to Robinson-Russell, there was no audible reaction before the sister-in-law overheard Russell screaming.

Russell, according to Derzis, arrived at her family’s front door on Saturday night, but investigators are unsure how she got there, she previously told WBRC. “She walked up, banged on the door, and that was her,” he added.

According to police, they have security footage from Russell’s neighbourhood that shows her going down the sidewalk by herself before arriving at her house on Tuesday.

According to radio data from the fire department and information provided by a 911 caller to the emergency communicator, medics were sent to her residence in response to a complaint about a “unresponsive but breathing” person, according to authorities.

According to authorities, Ms. Russell was conscious and communicating when first responders arrived on the scene, and she was taken in that state. Later, she received treatment and left a nearby hospital.

When Russell’s mother and daughter met, they “tried to hug as best they could, but I had to stand back because she was not in a good state,” Russell’s mother told NBC. We had to take a back seat and let the doctors take care of her.

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