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Northern Thailand Police Crack Down on Crime, 865 Arrests in 2 Days

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Northern Thailand Provincial Region 5 police say they have arrested more nearly 900 people in a 2 day crime sweep. The crime sweep is part of a plan to fight back against crime in Northern Thailand.

Police report that from the 865 arrested for drug offences, a total of 4,146,257 pills were discovered and confiscated. 63 were found to be in possession of firearms and ammunition. While 71 illegal motorcycle exhaust pipes were confiscated along with 603 motorbikes.

The police told CityNews that there has been a notable rise in crimes over the past few months. Mostly involving theft, with many criminals resorting to the use of firearms to intimidate victims. Hence the crackdown in northern Thailand.

Northern Thailand Police also said they will crack down even harder on the ‘Dek Waen’. Loosely translated as youth gangs or juvenile delinquents. A total of 1,600 raids have been made against these groups with the confiscation of hundreds of vehicles and motorcycles.

Provincial police said the most vulnerable to ‘Dek Waen’ gangs are gold shops and 24 hour service providers. Furthermore such vulnerable locations will be monitored on CCTV around the clock.

Northern Thailand’s Provincial Region 5 has areas in charge in 8 provinces such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang, Lampoon, Prae, Nan, Phayao and Mae Hong Son. The force provides police services to every town and village.

4 Million Meth Pills Seized in Northern Thailand

Meanwhile, Northern Thailand Police told press briefing on August 1st that Pha Muang Task Force soldiers had seized 4 million meth pills from a pick up truck in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand.

Chiang Mai city Police said investigators found 40 green backpacks, each containing 50 bundles of methamphetamine pills, an equivalent to 4 million pills in total. According to police the driver admitted that he had been hired to deliver the drugs.

Police said they have collected some information but were unable to reveal them as they were extending the investigation to find others involved.

The seizure followed a tip-off that a young man was preparing to transport drugs.

Officers said the driver appeared pale and shaky on seeing them at the checkpoint, which prompted them to stop and search the vehicle.

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