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U.S. House Republicans To Hold First Committee Hearing In Impeachment Inquiry Against President Biden



(CTN NEWS) – The Republican-controlled US House of Representatives is gearing up for its inaugural committee hearing on September 28 as part of a seemingly unlikely impeachment inquiry against Democratic President Joe Biden.

This inquiry, initiated by Speaker Kevin McCarthy just last week, has garnered significant attention.

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, led by Republican Representative James Comer, is slated to conduct this hearing, which will delve into constitutional and legal aspects.

A spokesperson for the committee made this announcement on Tuesday.

House Committees Unite in Biden Impeachment Inquiry as Republicans Respond to Pressure

It’s worth noting that two additional House committees have also united in this inquiry.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to initiate an impeachment inquiry against President Biden, who is presently campaigning for re-election next year, was a direct response to mounting pressure from far-right members within the Republican Party.

These lawmakers were furious about the previous Democratic-controlled House impeaching former Republican President Donald Trump in both 2019 and 2021, with both impeachment efforts ultimately resulting in Senate acquittals.

The central focus of the Republican inquiry centers on allegations that President Biden personally profited from his son Hunter’s business dealings during his tenure as vice president from 2009 to 2017.

However, it’s important to emphasize that they have not presented concrete evidence to substantiate these allegations. President Biden has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

White House Accuses Republicans of Political Stunt Amid Impeachment Inquiry

On Tuesday, Ian Sams, the White House spokesperson, leveled an accusation against Republicans, asserting that they are employing a “political stunt” to divert attention away from their own internal governance challenges, which have been marked by chaos and ineffectiveness.

In reference to the upcoming hearing, the oversight panel’s statement alluded to allegations of corruption and misuse of public office in connection with President Biden.

According to the statement, the panel intends to issue subpoenas for the personal and business bank records of Hunter Biden and James Biden, who is the president’s brother.

The Constitution outlines a formal impeachment process by which Congress can potentially remove a president from office. This process involves the House of Representatives, which can approve formal charges, known as articles of impeachment, with a simple majority vote.

Subsequently, the Senate conducts a trial and can remove a president through a two-thirds majority vote. However, it’s important to note that Democrats currently hold control of the Senate, making the prospects of conviction and removal from office highly improbable.

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ORIGINAL STORY: U.S. President’s Son ‘Hunter Biden’ To Plead Not Guilty In Federal Gun Charges

 Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, intends to enter a plea of not guilty in response to federal gun charges, as stated in a court document filed on Tuesday. Additionally, he is requesting that his initial court appearance be conducted remotely.

In a letter addressed to Magistrate Judge Christopher Burke, attorney Abbe Lowell has conveyed that Hunter Biden will assert his plea of not guilty in response to the three felony gun charges linked to his possession of a revolver in 2018, whether the proceedings are conducted via video or in person.

Lowell’s letter, dated Tuesday, affirms, “Mr. Biden is not seeking any special treatment in making this request. He has attended and will attend any proceedings in which his physical appearance is required.”

The letter goes on to state, “Mr. Biden also will enter a plea of not guilty, and there is no reason why he cannot utter those two words by video conference.

In short, Mr. Biden is satisfied that his constitutional rights will be met by conducting his initial appearance by video conference.”


Hunter Biden Indicted on Firearm Charges: Allegations of False Statements and Prohibited Possessio

Hunter Biden was recently indicted on three charges connected to his acquisition of a firearm in 2018, including the allegation of making a false statement on a federal form and possessing a firearm while classified as a prohibited person.

Prosecutors contend that Hunter Biden was a drug user at the time of the firearm purchase and, therefore, was not legally eligible to possess the weapon. They assert that he also provided false information on a federal form by failing to disclose his drug use.

During the preceding summer, the president’s son attempted to negotiate with prosecutors regarding the alleged firearm violation, as well as two tax misdemeanors.

However, the diversion agreement swiftly disintegrated after a federal judge scrutinized the terms of the agreement, which led to disagreements between the prosecutors and Hunter Biden’s defense attorneys.

In July, during a court appearance when his plea deal fell apart, Hunter Biden underwent the process of being fingerprinted and having his mug shot taken. However, due to the federal court jurisdiction, this photo remained confidential and was not released to the public.

Hunter Biden’s attorney has argued that accommodating an in-person appearance would place a considerable burden on government resources.

This is primarily because Biden receives protection from the Secret Service, and organizing his transportation across the country would necessitate enhanced security measures, particularly around the Wilmington, Delaware, courthouse.

The judge overseeing the case noted on Monday that prosecutors are opposing this request.


U.S. President’s Son ‘Hunter Biden’ To Plead Not Guilty In Federal Gun Charges

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