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[VIDEO] F-35 Jet Pilot Calls 911 After Ejecting and Parachuting into Backyard



The pilot of a missing US Marines F-35 jet dialed 911 from a South Carolina property where his parachute landed. The pilot told a dispatcher that he was “not sure” where his $100 million plane was, according to call recordings.

A neighbour may also be heard calmly stating that the pilot landed in his property. The F-35 jet’s debris was located on Monday, a day after it went missing.

The resident of a North Charleston residence can be heard informing a perplexed operator that “we got a pilot in the house” during the four-minute conversation to 911.


“I guess he landed in my backyard,” remarked the resident. “We’re attempting to get an ambulance to the house, please.”

The unnamed 47-year-old pilot stated he felt “OK” after ejecting at about 2,000 feet (609 metres). Only his back ached.

“Ma’am, a military plane has crashed. I’m the captain. “We need to get the rescue process started,” he continued.

“I have no idea where the aeroplane is.” It would have hit the ground somewhere. “I ejected.”

Later, the pilot requested that the dispatcher “please send an ambulance” and stated that he “rode a parachute down to the ground.”

According to a new report, technological problems beset the US military’s F-35 aircraft.

The pilot bailed due to a problem, according to the Marine Corps, and landed in a residential neighbourhood near Charleston’s international airport.

An unidentified official claimed in a second 911 call recorded by the AP that they had “a pilot with his parachute” who had lost sight of the aircraft “on his way down to the weather.”

f-35 crash

While it is unknown how and why the F-35 continued to fly after the pilot ejected, the Marine Corps stated that its flight control software may have assisted it in remaining level even without a pilot’s hands on the controls.

“This is designed to save our pilots if they become incapacitated or lose situational awareness,” according to an WSJ report.

The plane’s anti-radar stealth capabilities and equipment that wipes the jet’s communications system if a pilot ejects may have delayed the search. The incident is under investigated.

According to a report submitted to the US government on Thursday, the US military’s F-35 aircraft is only about 55% effective due to inadequate training, a lack of spare parts, and complex repair methods.

Officials have discovered the wreckage of an F-35 fighter plane that went missing after the pilot ejected over South Carolina. Military officers discovered the wreckage of an F-35 fighter aeroplane, which crashed in rural Williamsburg County, according to authorities.

Military officials said the debris was discovered “two hours north-east of Joint Base Charleston” in a statement on Monday.

The Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office stated it had redirected traffic on adjoining rural roads away from the “extensive debris field” for an undetermined amount of time. The sheriff’s office also stated that there were no reported injuries, and a spokeswoman informed the BBC that the agency had not received any inquiries in recent days regarding a suspected crash or loud boom.

Officials had focused their search near Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion, north of Charleston – the jet’s last known position.

A military spokesperson verified to the BBC that the debris discovered was the wreckage of the missing jet.

“The mishap is currently under investigation, and we are unable to provide additional details to preserve the integrity of the investigative process,” the Marine Corps stated on Monday, after the search concluded.

The public has been urged to stay away from the area so that investigators can do their work.

According to a corporate spokeswoman, Lockheed Martin, the firm behind the stealth fighter plane, is assisting the government’s inquiry.

A spokeswoman for Joint Base Charleston said the fighter jet was left in autopilot mode after the pilot ejected, adding that it could have remained aloft for some time, complicating its recovery.

According to US media, the plane, an FB-35B Lightning II, belonged to the Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, which works to train pilots.

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