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Thailand’s Health Authorities Warns Public Over Urine Drinking Craze

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BANGKOK – The Department of Health Tuesday warned the public against following the example of several Thais in drinking urine. A practice that has become a craze among Thai Facebook users.

Dr. Amporn Benjapolphithak warns drinking urine could lead to infection because urine is waste that is discharged.

The health warning comes after a teacher mixed herbs with urine could be used as a medicine. Insisting that it was a homemade herbal juice.

A Facebook user posted that a school in Khon Kaen’s Phol district used urine mixed with herbs and gave it to students to drink to cure stomach pains.

Another resident posted on her Facebook wall that she regularly drank urine and used it to wash her eyes and wounds. While a nurse has posted that she also drank urine and also boiled and distilled it to wash wounds of patients.

A TV channel interviewed several of those who claimed on Facebook posts to drink their own urine and wash their faces with it.

Dr. Amporn said it was true that urine was used as a medicine during the Greek and Roman empires. But pointed out that the average life span of its population was between 30 to 40 years.

She noted that no modern medical health studies had endorsed the use of urine as a health cure for disease.

Dr. Sukhum Kanchanaphimai minister of health confirmed that urine cannot prevent or cure illnesses. No modern medical health study has ever endorsed the use of urine as a cure for disease.

If drunk repeatedly, would be dangerous especially to patients with kidney problems or heart disease.

In addition, urine is contaminated with excretions so it is contaminated with diseases such as Shigella. Good health care includes having enough rest, eating good quality food and exercising regularly.

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