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Thai Massage Graduates Waiting 3 Years for Ministry to Issue License

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BANGKOK – Thailand’s Public Health Ministry efficiency has been called into question by a group of Thai massage practitioners. Saying three years was too long to wait for licensing.

Traditional Thai massage practitioners on Thursday petitioned the Public Health Ministry. Complaining that over 17,000 had been waiting more than three years for licenses.

Pranpriya Sonachoti, the group’s leader, demanded that the Department explain why the 17,247 licenses still hadn’t been granted.

Though they have completed the standard training required to apply for a professional Thai massage license. The practitioners cannot start working until they have collected the license, said Ms Pranpriya.

Thousands of Practitioners Have Completed their Traditional Thai Massage Training

Thai Massage license

However, Dr Phattharaphon Chuengsomchetphaisan, head of the department’s division of health care establishments, insisted that qualified masseurs could legally operate thanks to the Sor Phor Sor 13 document. Which is issued before the license is granted by the provincial health office.

Dr Phattharaphon said he would also ask every provincial health office to speed up license issuance.

The license application stalled after it was found that some massage training certificates issued may be invalid, he said. The department has so far investigated more than 100,000 training certificates.

Ms Pranpriya said the department hopes to inform masseurs soon when they can pick up the license.

Thousands of Thai massage practitioners who completed their training in 2016 are still waiting for licenses, she said, adding that three years was too long to wait.

Source: Bangkok Post

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