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Learn How Can Acupuncture Help You Get Pregnant



Learn How Can Acupuncture Help You Get Pregnant

Seeking alternative health and treatment alternatives to improve fertility, such as acupuncture fertility, is quickly becoming a respectable and popular choice for singles and couples trying to establish or expand their family.

But how can acupuncture help with fertility, and how beneficial is it for IVF couples? We answer all of your important questions regarding acupuncture for fertility, such as when to perform it, how to balance it with IVF procedures, and how acupuncture helps to support a safe early pregnancy?


What exactly is acupuncture?

For over 3500 years, acupuncture has been utilized in traditional Chinese medicine. The treatment’s traditional Chinese philosophy is based on the notion of Qi (pronounced “chi”), which is energy that flows through the body in river-like channels called meridians.

When Qi flows properly, it is thought to feed the tissues of the body, but blockages at specific spots in the body may create disruption and stagnation, resulting in physical, mental, and emotional ill health, as well as fertility troubles. Acupuncture’s primary goal is to remove these impediments.

The energy flow may be liberated and balanced, and health can be restored, by inserting small needles at critical spots along the meridians.

How does acupuncture work, and how might it help one conceive?

According to Western medicine, there are various following ways that acupuncture pregnancy in Melbourne, may improve the efficiency of fertility treatment and assist you in conceiving:

1. Help relieve stress/emotional and physical well-being

Acupuncture appears to be an effective method of inducing the body’s production of beneficial endorphins. Endorphins are substances that exist naturally in the body. They are neurotransmitters that tell the brain to combat pain, engage the reward system, and generate feelings of contentment or happiness.

For many patients, infertility is a very stressful condition, and stress takes a major physiological toll on your body at a time when you can least afford it. Acupuncture therapy may be a great tool in assisting you to enter a state of deep relaxation, giving your body much-needed rest.

2. Increased blood flow, especially to the reproductive system and uterus

Acupuncture given to traditional female infertility sites can boost blood circulation to the uterus, which is a great approach to help the body prepare for conception. Improved uterine blood flow can aid in the thickening of the uterine lining, also known as the endometrial lining.

This lining is where the fertilized egg implants, which is a critical stage in the development of a pregnancy. A healthy and receptive endometrial lining is critical, which may explain why acupuncture fertility in Melbourne is connected with higher pregnancy rates.

Acupuncture used in traditional male infertility spots may also aid sperm production by increasing blood flow and decreasing inflammation in the pelvic cavity and testicles.

3. Hormone control

Acupuncture may also stimulate the brain in ways that contribute to the regulation of abnormalities in the body’s neuroendocrine system, rectifying the flow of hormones that activate the adrenal glands, ovaries, and other reproductive organs and systems.

This might explain how acupuncture can help reduce the symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a frequent cause of female infertility, as well as how it can assist certain men to enhance sperm count and quality.

Is there scientific evidence that acupuncture might increase the odds of getting pregnant?

Though doctors have noticed benefits from acupuncture, some in the Western medical community are still contesting its legitimacy; yet, current scientific research reveals substantial evidence that it may be effective in the treatment of infertility.

Acupuncture has been studied by researchers all over the globe to see how the body reacts to it and how it could connect to conception and pregnancy when used as an additional therapy to traditional fertility treatments.

Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is safe when conducted by a qualified therapist who follows basic safety norms and procedures. If you are afraid of needles, putting yourself through the stress of treatment may be counterproductive, but even fearful patients discover that with a competent, compassionate therapist, the process is nearly painless.

The needles used are of extremely tiny gauge, which means they scarcely hurt when implanted. Some individuals experience a minor discomfort or tingling sensation in the region around the needle at certain places.

Many people experience a small chill during and after the session. If you have a virus, such as a cold or flu, you should postpone your session since viruses can sensitize your system and make acupuncture more painful.

If acupuncture is too tough for you because you are afraid of needles or are extremely sensitive, you may want to consider acupressure as an alternative. This therapy uses touch rather than needles to activate the same “pressure spots.” It may not be as helpful as acupuncture, but it is still worth investigating.

It is vital to understand that there are no guarantees or magical cures in reproductive therapy. However, if you are looking for pregnancy acupuncture near me, be sure to read reviews, verify their staff qualifications, and visit your doctor to ensure it is safe for you.

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