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Fertility Solutions: The 3 Benefits of Freezing Eggs



Fertility Solutions: The 3 Benefits of Freezing Eggs

The power to bring babies into this world is when the time is perfect and not according to the ticking of the biological clock. That’s the reason numerous women are now freezing their eggs. When a reproductive endocrinologist takes away eggs from a woman’s ovary and freezes them, this process is called egg freezing. It is a medical procedure that has changed the way when and how women can have babies.

According to an article published in Forbes, egg freezing helps in fertility protection in women. Besides, this technology has several other benefits. Let’s have a look at the major advantages:

Fertility Solutions: The 3 Benefits of Freezing Eggs

1. The quality of eggs reduces with women’s age

As a woman ages, the proportion of eggs in her ovary having the right number of chromosomes keeps depleting. Now, this ratio is regarded as the quality of eggs. Though there is no way to test these eggs, the age of a woman is an ideal estimate.

For a woman who is 35 years, it is anticipated that 50 percent of her eggs aren’t normal and by the age of 40, only one-fourth of the remaining eggs can help in the birth of a baby. Then, the age of eggs could be maintained when they’re frozen at a particular age, freezing a woman’s eggs when she is still young. It means that the majority of the eggs are fine to have a baby. This way, women can choose when they want to become a mother even when she is over 35 years.

2. The supply of eggs is limited

Women have natural eggs when they’re young, however, at menopause; hardly any eggs are left to be fertilized. The peak fertility time is during the early 20s with rates of pregnancy around 25 percent every month. When a woman is in her 30s, the chances of pregnancy dip by 15 percent every month and women in their 40s, the rate of pregnancy is just 5 percent every month.

Though premature ovarian failure and menopause have adverse effects and can affect egg supply, freezing eggs will increase the chance of having biological kids her eggs. You can have a doubt, which is quite natural and so feel free to inquire about egg freezing from Sher Fertility Solutions.

Fertility Solutions: The 3 Benefits of Freezing Eggs

3. Ensure relationship and career goals

Some women like to have a baby first and then return to their jobs while others chase career options and then a family. With egg freezing, you can have the option to pursue your career as well as have kids, and when it’s the right time, you can embrace motherhood.

The technology will help you secure your family relationships as well as stay focused on your career goals and aspirations. You can have a baby when you feel comfortable and take control of your personal and professional life. You can choose to be pregnant when the time is perfect.


Now that you know about the benefits of egg freezing, become a mother and successful a professional when you want. However, choose a fertility clinic carefully.

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