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Diabetes In Women: 5 Ways High Blood Sugar Impacts Women’s Health



Diabetes In Women: 5 Ways High Blood Sugar Impacts Women's Health

(CTN News) – There are more than 1 million people living with diabetes in India today. Prediabetes is also on the rise at a rapid rate.

In spite of the fact that non-communicable diseases are on the rise in India, there is no rule as to who is more prone to developing these diseases.

As with men, women can also develop this condition equally, just as men can. It is important to note that there can be differences in the way this affects different people’s bodies.

Physiological differences can sometimes lead to a difference in symptoms as well as a difference in the effects they have on the body.

Women’s Diabetes: Symptoms and Diagnosis

  • Infections of the urinary system

  • Dysfunction in the sexual system

  • PCOS

  • Loss of weight

  • Vision that is blurry

  • Having a nauseating feeling

  • Reduces the feeling in the hands or feet

How Does Diabetes Affect Women?

There are different ways in which high levels of blood sugar can affect women in different ways:

  1. Diabetes is linked to a four-fold increase in heart disease risk in women, while it poses only a two-fold increase in heart disease risk in men. Approximately two-thirds of women with die from cardiovascular diseases, and they usually die at a younger age than their counterparts without diabetes.

  2. There is also evidence that women are more likely to develop heart disease after menopause compared to women without diabetes, because the disease seems to cancel the protective effects of estrogen on a woman’s heart prior to menopause.

  3.  As a result, women have lower levels of high-density lipoproteins (HDL), which is good cholesterol, as well as higher levels of triglycerides, which is fat, in their bloodstream.

  4. The prevalence of urinary tract infections as well as vaginal yeast infections is higher in women who have diabetes. Moreover, diabetes-related complications such as blindness, kidney disease, and depression are also more prevalent in women than they are in men.

  5.  It is common for women with to experience irregular menstrual cycles, especially when their blood glucose levels aren’t well controlled. It is possible to manage symptoms and improve overall health by using a variety of medications, lifestyle changes, and alternative remedies.

Although diabetes cannot be reversed, it can certainly be managed. Follow good dietary practices and exercise regularly in order to keep your body nutrient-rich and hydrated.

Adapting lifestyle changes can assist women with in controlling glucose levels and living a healthy life.


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