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Police Take Down Online Child Trafficking Website, 4 Arrested



Police Take Down Online Child Trafficking Website, 4 Arrested

Police stated on Saturday that four persons were arrested separately in Thailand for child trafficking, the four are accused of providing child sexual services online. Officers from the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Division (ATPD) apprehended two of the suspects, who were wanted by arrest warrants issued by the Criminal Court on September 6.

The two suspects face charges of aiding child trafficking by profiting from prostitution and recruiting or influencing children under the age of 15 into sexual abuse. Officers later apprehended the two main suspects.

On September 14, the Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for two men. They are charged with human trafficking, soliciting minors for prostitution, profiteering from the flesh trade, depriving children of parental care, and other offences, according to police.

Police had previously rescued two 15-year-old girls who had been enticed into the sex flesh trade. Officers later apprehended a sex broker, only known as Ms. Thanyaporn, in a Rama II Road condominium.

child trafficking Thailand

Ms. Thanyaporn, according to Pol Maj Gen Sarut, duped the two girls into selling sex at this condominium.

The sex broker, according to the police investigation, had uploaded photographs of youngsters on a website advertising sex services, asking a monthly payment of 490 baht for advertisement fees. There were additional fees for increasing page views.

Police Maj Gen Sarut stated that Ms. Thanyaporn transmitted money to the website through Ms. Khachaporn’s bank account, which she had leased to open a mule account to collect money transfers from those looking to offer sex services.

Each month, 200,000-300,000 baht was transferred to her bank account, with Mr. Noppadol in charge of withdrawing the funds.

According to the Bangkok Post, Ms. Khachaporn was seized at her home in Dusit district, while Mr Noppadol was apprehended at his home in Bangkok. During questioning, she allegedly admitted to being paid 2,000 baht to open the mule bank account, and Mr. Noppadol admitted to being recruited to take mony from the mule account, earning 1,000-2,000 baht each time.

Police then apprehended Mr. Warit at a housing complex in Bangkok, according to Police Maj Gen Sarut. Mr. Warit admitted to serving as an administrator and managing the finances of the website selling child sex services. He received a monthly compensation of 60,000 baht as well as a percentage of the advertisement fees from website owner Mr. Pheeraphon.

Mr. Pheeraphon was later apprehended at a Samut Prakan luxury housing subdivision. On his seized laptops, police discovered numerous images of young women and girls who had been victims of human trafficking.

Mr. Pheeraphon admitted to owning the website and told police that he and Mr. Warit were close friends during questioning. Before getting into the internet sex business, they worked as online marketing workers and event planners.

Mr. Pheeraphon stated that he recruited a foreign programmer to develop the website and rented a server outside of Thailand to avoid Thai authorities’ scrutiny. He claimed to make between 200,000 and 300,000 baht per month from advertisement payments.

All suspects are currently in police custody pending legal proceedings.

Child Trafficking in Thaialnd

Child Trafficking in Thailand

Child sex trafficking is a serious and illegal issue that occurs in many parts of the world, including Thailand. It is a grave violation of human rights and a criminal offense that involves the exploitation of children for sexual purposes. I will provide you with some general information on this topic, but please note that the situation can change over time, and it’s important to refer to the most current and reputable sources for the latest information.

  1. Extent of the Problem: Thailand has been known as a destination for child sex tourism due to its popularity as a tourist destination and the presence of a significant sex industry. Child sex trafficking involves the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of children for sexual exploitation. Vulnerable children, often from impoverished backgrounds, may be lured or coerced into the industry.
  2. Government Efforts: The Thai government has taken steps to combat child sex trafficking, including passing laws and implementing initiatives to strengthen law enforcement and protect victims. For example, Thailand has laws criminalizing child exploitation and human trafficking. They also collaborate with international organizations and NGOs to address the issue.
  3. NGO Involvement: Numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are actively involved in combating child sex trafficking in Thailand. These organizations focus on rescue operations, victim support, and advocacy to raise awareness and push for legal reforms.
  4. Tourism and Child Exploitation: Thailand’s booming tourism industry has, unfortunately, contributed to the problem. Tourists seeking illegal sexual services involving minors are part of the demand that fuels child sex trafficking. Many campaigns and initiatives aim to educate tourists about the legal and ethical consequences of engaging in such activities.
  5. Challenges: Despite efforts to combat child sex trafficking, challenges persist. These include corruption within law enforcement agencies, inadequate resources for victim support and rehabilitation, and the transient nature of the sex industry, making it difficult to track and prosecute offenders.
  6. Global Efforts: Child sex trafficking is not limited to Thailand and is a global issue. International organizations, such as UNICEF and INTERPOL, work alongside governments and NGOs worldwide to combat child trafficking and exploitation.

It’s important to emphasize that child sex trafficking is a criminal act and a gross violation of human rights. Efforts to combat this issue require collaboration between governments, NGOs, law enforcement agencies, and the global community. Laws, awareness campaigns, and support for victims are crucial components of this fight to protect vulnerable children and prosecute those who exploit them.

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