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Police have Seized Another 70 Cars from Alleged Members of a Major Car Theft Gang



Police have Seized Another 70 Cars from Alleged Members of a Major Car Theft Gang

(CTN News) – Police have recovered another 70 automobiles from accused members of a large car theft ring who preyed on owners who had given their vehicles as collateral for loans.

According to CIB commissioner Pol Lt Gen Jirabhop Bhuridej, police from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) have removed 70 additional automobiles from a parking lot in the province of Nonthaburi.

According to him, the seizure happened when the car park manager asked the CIB to investigate several allegedly parked automobiles in his venue by Car Theft gang members.

According to him, 39 confiscated vehicles were discovered to constitute relevant evidence in Car theft instances reported by victims.


Police detained many people who belonged to the “Jae Ploy Chon Buri” gang in November last year.

The accused had published internet adverts enticing individuals to lend money to them for car loans. The gang received the automobiles, refused to give them back to their owners, and sold them again.

In a raid on the big car theft gang on November 26 last year, the CIB police captured 64 cars in Nonthaburi after expanding their investigation, which resulted in searches at seven different sites.

According to the CIB commissioner, 56 of the 64 automobiles that were confiscated were deemed to constitute evidence in instances that gang victims had reported to the police.

With 509 victims and 511 automobiles seized by the gang and its network of members, police kept taking additional vehicles back from the group.

The CIB returned the recovered automobiles to their owners after the media event.

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