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Police Arrest Agent for Selling US$625,000 in Bogus Health Insurance Policies



Police Arrest Agent Who Sold US$625,000 Bogus Health Insurance Policies

According to authorities, a former health insurance salesperson who continued to sell bogus policies has been arrested in connection with losses totaling more than US$625,000. Officers from the Economic Crime Suppression Police Division apprehended the 45-year-old man at a gas station in Chon Buri on Saturday.

He has three outstanding warrants. The former insurance salesman was wanted for forging documents, scamming others, and entering incorrect data into a computer system. The allegations arose from the marketing of life insurance plans and the failure to set up the policies.

Nine complaints were filed with a health insurance firm in January of this year, alleging that despite having paid premiums for almost five years, the policyholders were unable to submit claims with the health insurance company.

After researching the reports, the business discovered that the victims had been given false documents. The estimated damages totaled 22 million baht, leading the corporation to call the police.

Authorities were able to trace the documents back to to the man, who had previously worked as an insurance agent. A lady named only as Ms. Wannasa was also allegedly implicated. She had previously been arrested for fabricating paperwork, including bank transfer slips.

The suspect has rejected all charges, but investigators are seeking additional legal action.

Health Insurance Thailand

Health Insurance in Thailand

Healthcare in Thailand is known for being of relatively high quality and affordable, especially compared to many Western countries. The country has both public and private healthcare systems. The public system is operated by the Ministry of Public Health, while the private system includes a wide range of hospitals and clinics catering to both locals and expatriates.

For expatriates and foreigners living in Thailand, health insurance is strongly recommended to ensure access to quality healthcare without incurring high out-of-pocket expenses. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Health Insurance Types: There are various types of health insurance available in Thailand, including local health insurance plans and international health insurance plans. Local plans might offer more limited coverage and might be more suitable for long-term residents or those who are fluent in Thai. International plans tend to provide broader coverage and are often preferred by expatriates.
  2. Coverage: Health insurance plans in Thailand can cover a range of medical services, including hospital stays, doctor’s visits, prescription medications, and more. Some plans might also cover dental and vision care, as well as emergency medical evacuation if needed.
  3. Public vs. Private Hospitals: Thailand has both public and private hospitals. While public hospitals are generally more affordable, private hospitals offer more comfortable amenities and shorter waiting times. Having health insurance that covers private hospitals can provide you with more options and potentially faster access to care.
  4. Costs: The cost of health insurance in Thailand can vary widely depending on factors such as your age, health condition, the level of coverage you choose, and whether you opt for a local or international plan. It’s advisable to compare different insurance providers and their offerings to find a plan that suits your needs and budget.
  5. Exclusions and Pre-existing Conditions: Like with any health insurance plan, it’s important to understand the exclusions and limitations of your policy. Pre-existing conditions might be subject to waiting periods or might not be covered at all, so make sure you’re aware of these details before purchasing a policy.
  6. Visa Requirements: Depending on the type of visa you have in Thailand, you might be required to have health insurance coverage as part of the visa application or renewal process. It’s crucial to check the specific requirements of your visa category.

When considering health insurance in Thailand, it’s recommended to research and compare different insurance providers, read policy details thoroughly, and possibly consult with a reputable insurance broker to find the most suitable plan for your needs. Additionally, consulting with expatriates who are already living in Thailand can provide valuable insights into the best insurance options available.

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