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Philippe Broaly Jailed in Cambodia for Child Sex Offenses, Re-Arrested in France



Police arrest French national Philippe Broaly at his villa in Sihanoukville on October 14 last year

Police arrest French national Philippe Broaly at his villa in Sihanoukville on October 14 last year



LYON (France) – Convicted French pedophile Philippe Broaly , who was released early from Sihanoukville prison this July despite ongoing court appeals has been arrested and charged in France, Khmer Times verified this week.

Sources have confirmed that the former judge from Lyon in eastern France has been arrested, charged, and is now awaiting trial, reportedly for possession of child pornography.

Mr. Broaly will also be investigated for crimes he was convicted of in Cambodia. Under French law these previous offenses can be factored into a new conviction.

The maximum penalty for the use and distribution of child pornography in France is five years imprisonment and a 75,000 euro fine, while offenders convicted of the sexual abuse of minors can face decades in prison.

The precise details of all the charges against Broaly remain unclear. It has been confirmed that he was first arrested for possession of child pornography, for which he was charged and is now imprisoned, awaiting trial. It is possible however, that Mr. Broaly could also face investigation and prosecution for accusations of corruption and bribery in Cambodia. France has strict laws criminalizing corruption by French citizens in foreign countries.

In July, Khmer Times published reports alleging that the convicted sex offender and his associates had attempted to bribe parties involved in his prosecution, including the families of victims. Sources have suggested that this, coupled with his wealth, could have played a role in his suspicious early release from prison.

Allegations of attempted bribery and intimidation could have played a role in his arrest in France. The fact that he is behind bars again sends a reassuring message to those he traumatized, as well as those who are working to prevent such crimes, child-protection workers say. Continue reading…

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