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Irish Tourist Francis O’Brien Suffering with Possible Amnesia Lost in Phuket



Police confirmed that they have identified the man as Francis O’Brien from his drivers licence.


PHUKET – An Irishman, suffering from memory loss, was discovered in Phuket only to be lost again by Thai authorities, police confirmed that they have identified the man as Francis O’Brien from his drivers licence.

The Phuket News released images the man with police officers in an appeal for help.

Irishman found lost in Thalang, with no memory of how he came to be there – Phuket News

According to the paper’s website Francis was observed wandering in the Thalang area of Phuket at around 9pm on Saturday.

He was spotted by locals who became concerned for his welfare and brought him to Thalang police station.

Reports suggest that Francis was able to inform officers that he was on holiday, but was unable to tell them how or why he came to be alone in the Thalang area.

Translator Mayura Laliphong told reporters that “They (the police) said he was from Ireland and that he had lost his memory.

“I was asked to speak to him to find out who he was and when we asked his name he showed us his driving licence.”

Mayura said officers could not find any evidence of injury.

“He seemed to be communicating okay and when we asked him where he wished to go he told us he had a friend in Patong.

“We dropped him off there.”

The Phuket News released images of O’Brien with police officers in an appeal for help

Police captain Urumporn Koondejsumrit directed queries about Mr O’Brien’s whereabouts back to his translator Mayura.

“We don’t know what hotel he is in or where he has gone, admitted Mayura.

“We don’t know where he is.”

The police officer who dropped Francis off in Patong insisted to local media that Mr O’Brien’s welfare was not the force’s responsibility.

Officer Jirapat Nawathong confirmed he dropped Francis off at the Security Booth of Tor Mor police in Patong.

When asked by reporters why he didn’t look further into the case of apparent memory loss Nawthong said “I only do what (the foreigner) asks.

“I would not do anything more than that because I had problems before from foreigners asking me to do too many things.

“I was once accused of stealing money from a foreigner while I tried to look inside his wallet to check his ID, so we have to be careful when dealing with foreigners and only do what they ask for.”

The Thalang police can be contacted at 006681 755 5794 if anyone from the area can shed further light on how Francis came to be in Thailand.

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