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Danish Tourist Stabbed by 2 Russians in Pattaya



Mr. Vasily Klausen, a 25 year old Danish citizen


PATTAYA – 25 year old Danish tourist Vasily Klausen is currently in a serious condition in Hospital following an attack by two men, thought to be Russians, in front of a popular South Pattaya Hotel.

Pattaya Police received reports last night that a foreign man has been injured near a park in front of Royal Cliff hotel. The victim was later transported to Pattaya Memorial Hospital by rescue workers.

At the hospital, the man identified himself as Mr. Vasily Klausen, a 25 year old Danish citizen, hospital staff reported he was stabbed in his left arm and right chest.

Mr. Klausen told police he was attacked by two Russians before the assailants fled the scene, fortunately, he said, local residents found him and quickly called the authorities.

When police officers inspected the scene, they found pool of blood, but local residents interviewed by the officers said they were not aware of the assault.

Conveniently, CCTVs in the area were also out of service, the Pattaya Police said investigation is ongoing but might prove difficult?

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