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Greg Miller, Author of American Expat in Chiang Mai Passes



Greg Miller with his wife Tena in Chiang Mai


CHIANG MAI – Greg Miller the much-loved author of American Expat in Chiang Mai died peacefully at home in Chiang Mai last week. Greg lived with his wife Tena just southwest of central Chiang Ma in the Hang Dong area, in Park Moobaan (home village) just off the canal road. Greg was fortunate to have made lots of Thai and expat friends in Chiang Mai.

Greg with his wife and life-time partner Tena

After travelling to Thailand regularly for a very long time Greg Miller and his wife (Tena) decided make Chiang Mai their permanent home, they built a beautiful house in 2007, shipped there precious belongings by slow boat, and started living full time  2011. Greg & Tena also owned a small fashion boutique shop — Tena Fashions and dabble in a few other fun entrepreneurial activities.

Greg who started life as a Navy diver knew the seafloor off Vladivostok better than his own back yard. (Greg wisely deputized the back yard – and most things – to his devoted wife, Tena) Greg once told friends the secret of his long, happy marriage to Tena: “I just did whatever Tena told me to do. Once I got the hang of it life was like a magic carpet. Thai women have been running the country for centuries. They’re good at it, so why not let the little darlings handle everything?”

Tena’s management skills (which included owning, managing, and cooking for one of California’s largest Thai restaurants) allowed Greg to do what he most enjoyed: help people.

Greg also owned a successful electronics distributorship in California for many years and started several side-businesses (which Tena then ran!) as well. So his advice was always very business-oriented, bottom line stuff. Very sober and useful – usually delivered with some outrageous story about a blunder he’d made himself.

Greg has lest us with many interesting stories and helpful information about Chiang Mai and Thailand. You can see all of his youtube video’s here you can also find a great article on Greg and his wife Tena in Holiday Home Times. See Below


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