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German Photo Journalist Nick Nostitz Attacked by Anti-Government Protesters



German photojournalist Nick Nostitz

BANGKOK – The Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand has voiced concern following an attack on a German photojournalist Nick Nostitz on Monday, allegedly after he was identified as a “redshirt” at a rally.

Nick Nostitz, a freelance cameraman who has written two books about political turbulence in Thailand in recent years, was allegedly punched after being singled out by a speaker.

The FCCT issued a statement Monday that said: “An accredited foreign journalist was today assaulted by anti-government protesters while doing his job covering the ongoing protests.

“Details are not clear but initial reports say a speaker from the stage singled him out, triggering the assault. The incident was also featured on Blue Sky TV, and Internet comments continued to target the journalist.

“The FCCT deplores this in the strongest possible terms, and calls upon protest leaders to unequivocally and publicly state that the rights of journalists, foreign or Thai, should be respected.”

Nostitz has lived and worked in Thailand for many years. He was not badly injured, one colleague said.

Asia Sentinel’s correspondent has also noticed the violent turn in the demonstrations. Much in this report matches things PPT has posted on. This comment is worth repeating: … Thailand’s opposition Democratic Party, having tasted some success in gaining public support to kill the much-despised blanket amnesty that would have allowed fugitive former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to return from his years of exile, are turning to the violent tactics of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, the ill-famed Yellow Shirts, who brought the country to a standstill in 2007 and 2008

A reader sent a the link to Blue Sky Channels Facebook page where Nostitz is targeted with racist and violent comments, apparently before the physical attack on him. We insert two screen captures below, there are plenty more nasty comments, egged on by the Democrat Party channel.

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