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Briton Who Threw His Wife Off A Balcony Arrested in Bangkok

Briton, Arrested, Bangkok, Thailand

A Briton who allegedly threw his wife off his balcony in Rayong last month and then fled has been apprehended in Bangkok, Thailand. Immigration police told a press briefing the suspect had been identified as David John Marshall.

Mr Marshall, 47 was arrested after a hotel operator in Bangkok informed police that the suspect had checked in.

Immigration police said the suspect used a biometric passport to check in which alerted the hotel operator. Immigration police said prior to the arrest, the Briton had hidden at several locations in Bangkok.

On April 28, Mr Marshall was arrested after allegedly pushing his wife from the 8th floor of their apartment balcony. Mr. Marshall allegedly had become aggravated due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Upon arrival police and rescue workers found Ms. Sukanda 56 on the 7th floor of the condo still conscious. She was screaming in pain yelling that Marshall had thrown her off their balcony.

The Briton just kept praying on his balcony

Police then tried to communicate with the Briton, however he just kept praying on the condo balcony for hours. No matter what officials said the man never responded, he just kept on praying with his hands placed in front of his chest.

Police were able to contact one of the Briton’s friends and ask for his assistance. Upon his arrival he said the mans name was Dave. He shouted to Briton Dave on his balcony. After 2 hours of communicating with Dave, he opened his door and allowed officials in to talk.

Once Marshll had calmed down and revealed that the couple was having a fight when his wife fell off their balcony.

Police said Mr. Marshall escaped from police custody two days later. He was charged with attempted murder and unlawful detention.

Ms. Sukanda only fell between one and two floors, as she landed on a protruding roof from an adjacent building, which saved her life. Police said Ms Sukanda suffered a fractured hip and a dislocated arm in the fall and has pressed charges.

Mr. Marshall now faces further charges and blacklisting from Thailand once he has served his sentenced at Bang Kwang Prison also know as the Bangkok Hilton.

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