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Brett Bean’s Disappearance Still a Mystery to Parents and Friends



Lynne Bean flew into Phuket to assist in the search for her son


PHUKET – The parents of missing American surfer Brett Bean flew back to the US from Phuket yesterday, still hoping to be reunited with their son in the near future. Since Brett Bean, 43 was originally reported missing, his parents made the trip to Thailand in an effort to find clues that could lead to his discovery.

At his bungalow, where he had pre-paid the next six months of rent to hold the place through the winter, there was laundry still hanging on a clothes line outside and inside police found his passport, a small amount of cash and flight departure information, according to the local newspaper the Phuketwan. Items that were missing included Bean’s wallet, motorcycle and cell phone, which was switched off on Nov. 27, the Phuketwan reports.

“He has not returned to his bungalow,” Lynne Bean said. “I searched his bungalow and did not find a single clue as to where he may have gone.”

Meanwhile, at least six ATM withdrawals near his Phuket home have been made from two of Bean’s bank accounts starting on Nov. 27, according to the Phuketwan. The last reported withdrawal was on Dec. 17 for 30,000 baht ($988), which cleaned out his Wells Fargo account.

Bean’s parents think their son is the person who made three of those withdrawals based on video surveillance, but it’s hard to be sure because the person in the video kept a motorcycle helmet on while using the ATM, they said. His parents are currently trying to obtain copies of the other surveillance videos, Lynne Bean said.

Lynne Bean has offered a 50,000 baht ($1,646) reward for finding her son and put up fliers all over the island, including the local hospitals, she said. Phuket is about 200 square miles in size and has a population of around 525,000, including foreigners, according to the Phuketwan.

Bean’s disappearance is as much of a surprise to his parents as his friends both in Aspen and Thailand.

“We have talked at length with his many friends in Thailand,” Lynne Bean said. “Everyone is worried and actively looking for him, but nobody knows where he is. … All of the conversations that Brett and I had in the weeks before he was due to come home were totally normal. He was ready to come home and ready to be on his skis again.”

John Kneiper, Snowmass ski and snowboard school manager for SkiCo, described Bean as a longtime co-worker and good friend. His disappearance has shocked many of his Aspen friends and clients who were expecting to see him this season, he said.

“You can imagine it’s a very difficult situation for everybody,” Kneiper said.

Some of Bean’s Aspen friends have also shared the Phuketwan’s updates on social media sites like Facebook in the hope that the word will get out and possibly lead to his discovery.

Meanwhile, Bean’s parents plan on returning to Phuket to continue the search.

“We remain hopeful,” Lynne Bean said.

If you have any information about Bean’s disappearance, contact the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok by calling its international number at 02 2054049 or after hours at 02 2054000.

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