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Australian Charged in Cambodia with Locking up 3 Women and Demanding Sex



James Bernard King was charged yesterday by Preah Sihanouk Provincial Court for unlawfully confining three Cambodians to have sex with him at his rental home.


SIHANOUKVILLE – An Australian man in Cambodia has been arrested and charged for allegedly locking up his girlfriend, her younger sister and her niece and then demanding sex.

James Bernard King, 69, was arrested on 28 December in the coastal town of Sihanoukville, Cambodian police said in a media statement.

It’s alleged he refused to let the women leave the house unless the sister and niece had sex with him.

The Phnom Penh Post reported that King allegedly confined his partner You Kea, 38, her sister You Chang Reth, 27, niece Touch Ratana, 22, and Chang Reth’s son and daughter, aged six and two.

The women allegedly pleaded with King, who was unarmed, to let them go, but were held for hours before they were able to contact a relative, who notified the authorities, the Post reported.

“At night, King locked the doors and did not allow those people to get out,” said National Police spokesman Kirth Chantharith. “He put the condition that his girlfriend [must] cook a meal for him, and the other two [Kea’s sister and niece] must go to the room and have sex with him, otherwise he will not allow them to leave his house.”

According to the Khmer Times Police were called to the house on 27 December on a report of illegal confinement, according to the release.

When officers arrived, King allegedly locked the door forcing a standoff for two hours before police forced their way in, freeing the three women and two children.

Sihanoukville provincial court prosecutor Chab Sok Raksmey told the Post King was charged with illegal confinement, which carries a one to three-year prison term.

King, who is in the country on a tourist visa, is in custody ahead of the case going to court.

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