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Bangkok: Suspected Killer of Darren Taylor Returns to UK for Christmas



Darren Taylor, 34, killed in Bangkok

Darren Taylor, 34, killed in Bangkok


BANGKOK – The family and friends of a Darren Taylor, 34, killed in Bangkok in 2013 are devastated after his suspected murderer’s trial was put on hold until next year.

Darren Taylor, 34, from the UK, was allegedly pushed from the balcony of his sixth-storey flat in Bangkok buy another Briton 23 year old James Anthony Durnan on June 13, 2013.

James Anthony Durnan, 23, believed to be from Liverpool, is standing trial for Darren’s murder, authorities said they have heard all the evidence and adjourned the case until the verdict which is to be heard in the beginning of 2015.

Darren Taylors Parents said “They have allowed our sons murder to return to the UK so he can have Christmas at home with his family, which just rubs salt in the wound.

“His family can be with their son at Christmas, but we haven’t got the chance of that same luxury.”

Darren Taylor’s father said: “The legal system in Thailand is just so slow, we were shocked last year when they said the trial would be in November this year.

“It’s not a jury system, it’s just three judges. I could understand if they said ‘we will consider the verdict and return next week’, but another two months is ridiculous.

“We went to Bangkok in August and found out that the accused had already been home once.

“To make matters even worse, he and his father are staying out there for a week having a nice holiday before they return to the UK.”

Police were called to Bangkok Apartment, where Mr Taylor lived, at about 5.20am on June 13 last year.

James Anthony Durnan was found by officers at the scene with a cut to his arm, which police believed was caused when he tried to flee the area.

He was arrested at the scene but later released on bail.

Toxicology tests on Darren showed he had alcohol and tobacco in his system, but found no evidence of drugs.

Parents and family of Darren said this delay in the trial is heartbreaking, we are really disappointed.

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