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China Develops Omicron Vaccines In Multiple Ways

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China Develops Omicron Vaccines In Multiple Ways

(CTN News) – Currently, a number of technical routes are being used by China to research and develop monovalent and multivalent vaccines against various variants of Omicron.

According to Feng Zijian, executive vice president and secretary general of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, Chinese vaccines are still effective against severe illnesses and death caused by Omicron variants.

On Saturday, Feng made the remarks at a press conference held by the State Council joint prevention and control mechanism against COVID-19.

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Clinical trials are being carried out in Zhejiang, Hunan, and Hong Kong for the monovalent inactivated vaccines.

In the United Arab Emirates, the tetravalent recombinant protein vaccines have received approval for phase III clinical trials, and relevant studies have been carried out in conjunction with the vaccines.

A Chinese official told the press that the country is making rapid and steady progress in the research and development of vaccines against Omicron variants.

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