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‘Bitcoin Whales’ Are Crazy About a New AI Coin



'Bitcoin Whales' Are Crazy About a New AI Coin

(CTN News) – The cryptocurrency landscape is characterized by continuous innovation and continuous evolution, and Bitcoin whales and seasoned investors are now turning their attention to InQubeta, a newly emerging player with the potential to redefine the rules of the artificial intelligence technology investment market.

It is safe to say that InQubeta, a visionary project conceived by a team of developers who are at the forefront of a revolution that is capturing the imagination of the Bitcoin crypto community, stands at the forefront of that revolution.

A revolutionary approach to investing in artificial intelligence startups: InQubeta

As the heart Bitcoin of InQubeta, there lies the $QUBE token, an ERC20 token with a unique deflationary mechanism meticulously engineered to empower AI startups in the startup community.

InQubeta is a venture investment company that has created a platform that allows fractional investments in AI startups through the creation of NFTs derived from these projects, which is a departure from traditional investment methods.

It is through this groundbreaking approach that we are able to ensure Bitcoin that investors of all sizes are able to participate, making AI technology investments more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

In addition to $QUBE’s deflationary nature, what makes it one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in is its deflationary nature. With a 2% tax on all buy and sell transactions directed to a burn wallet, $QUBE was designed with the intention of increasing in value over time due to the 2% tax.

A 5% sell tax contributes to a dedicated reward pool, thus providing a strong incentive for token holders to stake their assets and earn rewards.

It is not only beneficial for investors that InQubeta is available, but it is also beneficial for AI startups. Using InQubeta’s NFT Bitcoin marketplace, startups can offer reward- and equity-based NFTs to potential investors, creating a symbiotic ecosystem that benefits both parties.

By combining AI technology and crypto, the InQubeta platform offers vast opportunities for growth and innovation. With blockchain technology and smart contracts, InQubeta has created a transparent, secure, and democratic investment ecosystem that propels AI technology startups to success.

Investing in AI startups on InQubeta is not just about financial gains, but also supporting the Bitcoin development of groundbreaking technology that will have the potential to reshape industries and improve countless aspects of our lives.

$QUBE tokens provide investors with an exciting opportunity to participate in this transformative journey, fostering a brighter future for AI technology and making it one of the best crypto assets to invest in at present.


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