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Timing Belt Cost And Why Its Important to Change

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If you’ve just received a quote for replacing your timing belt, chances are high that you’re checking the depths of your wallet, cutting open piggy banks and turning sofas the other way up just to search out a small amount of spare change.

You’re most likely likewise pondering, “Am I getting ripped off?”.

The truth is, timing belt costs will be several thousand dollars, though they typically sit somewhere between $500 and $2000 reckoning on your vehicle.

As you’ll establish soon though, that’s a full lot better than the bill, you’re certain if your timing belt slips or snaps!

Why do I would like to interchange My Timing Belt?

Just like many other parts, timing belts are subject to wear and tear and want to get replaced at regular intervals. As you’ll see, the timing belt system is crucial to several functions inside your engine, so regular maintenance is incredibly important.

Replace My Cars Timing Belt

If your aircon belt snaps, then you’ll probably just lose the flexibility to change on your AC. If the timing belt snaps, however, you may cause serious, irreparable damage to the cars engine. That’s not the sole risk that timing belts pose though. Whilst they will snap, they’re also known to slide if the teeth of the belt wear out.

Timing belt

A timing belt, timing chain, or cambelt could be a part of an enclosed combustion engine that synchronizes the rotation of the crankshaft and also the camshaft(s) in order that the engine’s valves open and shut at the right time during each cylinder’s intake and exhaust strokes. In an interference engine, the timing belt or chain is additionally critical to preventing the piston from striking the valves. A timing belt is sometimes a toothed belt—a drive belt with teeth on the surface. A timing chain could be a roller chain.

What do I would like to interchange My Timing Belt?

Unfortunately, they quite just break once they break. That’s why timing belt replacement has become a part of your regular, preventative maintenance. it would seem to be quite an expensive repair job to be considered a part of your regular maintenance, but trust us, you don’t want the bill for repairing your engine if the belt breaks.

A Bad Timing Belt

Even with proper maintenance, timing belts can go bad. If you’re experiencing any of the subsequent symptoms, it might be an indication of a foul belt, and you must move into your local garage immediately before anything worse happens.

Timing Belt replacement cost

Some engines, like Nissan’s RB line, have the cambelt assembly right at the front of the engine, however, many vehicles (particularly front-wheel-drive cars) have transverse engines. This implies the cam cover is usually squished up against other components on the driver’s side of the motor.

Specialty and luxury vehicles tend to be tougher to induce, especially if they need large engines. These sorts of cars often require a specialist mechanic, driving labor costs up even further.

It’s Not with reference to The Belt Though

The main reason timing belt replacement repairs can cost most though is that you’re often not just replacing the belt.

The timing belt system also consists of a series of the tensioner and idler bearings, which help guide and drive the belt. It’s often recommended that these are replaced at an equivalent time as a part of routine maintenance.

The same goes for your pump. If your pump fails (and it eventually will because it wears over time), then replacing this unit involves removing the timing belt anyway. This is often why tons of mechanics recommend replacing the pump at identical times. Additionally, there are a variety of oil seals that may only be accessed when the timing belt assembly has been disassembled, so these should get replaced also.

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As you’ll see, belt replacement may be a fairly costly exercise. That said, distributing that maintenance cost upfront can (and will) prevent thousands of dollars in repairs from belt snapping.

In many cases, once this happens, it’s too late. The value of repairing such damages is often over what the vehicle is worth. If that’s the case, you must consider junking your car – give us a call to search out how!