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A Good Drivers Seat Position While Driving Helps Your Safety

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Do you drive feeling like your world is getting ready to come to an end? Well, the problem may be how you are body is positioned. Many people are driving with a car seat positions that does not provide them a clear view of the highway in front of them.

Why do they continue to do this? It could have something to do with the habit or just refusing to make improvements. Whatever the case may be, a few minor alterations will do a world of good when it comes to driving in uncomfortable positions. Below, you will discover a list of tips to help jump start your effort.

Start With Hips First

Most drivers do not even give a second thought to how they access their vehicles. They just jump right in the driver’s seat, turn the ignition on, and start driving down the street. While this sounds just like a normal day in the driver’s seat, your discomfort may be related to how you access your vehicle. How is this possible? Well, when you enter your vehicle, you could be twisting your spine and back in an abnormal position, which will eventually lead to pain and/or injury.

Instead of entering your car with your feet first, start with your hips. Position your hips on the driver’s seat and then lift your feet off the ground, and place them on the floorboard. This is the recommended way to access all types of vehicles, including trucks, sedans, vans, and jeeps.

Do Not Slouch

Motorists who drive long distances day in and day out will oftentimes slouch in the driver’s seat. Yes, boredom can take a toll on your body and mind over time. However, a slouching position could put you at risk of an accident or spine injury. Instead of slouching, you should try to keep your body in an upright position all the time. It is recommended to maintain a “neutral position” when driving a vehicle. This position will ensure you clear visibility of the road, more control of the steering wheel, and fewer injury risks.

When sitting in a “neutral position”, your chest will need to be pushed out, with your shoulders back. Your lower back and spine will be slightly curved toward the vehicle’s steering wheel. This will give your head enough room to remain upwards toward the roof of your vehicle. Your head should not touch the roof of your vehicle.

Make Sure You Can See The Road

Have you ever witnessed a motorist slumped in the driver’s seat? Just about everyone has encountered this or something similar. If you cannot obtain and/or maintain an upright position that gives you full visibility of the highway and surrounding areas, you may need to utilize a seat cushion. The cushion will help elevate your body to where your head is fully positioned above the steering wheel. It will also help relieve pressure off your coccyx and lower spine. Being slumped behind the steering wheel is a dangerous position to be in. But, some English people who are short-statured do not believe they have any other alternatives when a simple cushion could do the trick.

Notice Your Bottom Is Positioned

Another thing that is often ignored by motorists is the position of their butt. When you ignore this position, you are also ignoring the position of your entire lower extremity. It is crucial that your butt is pushed as far back into the driver’s seat as possible. This will give your hips and thighs plenty of space to move around. Your lower extremities, excluding your knees, ankles, and calves will not be positioned on the seat. However, the back of your knees should be positioned next to the front of the seat. This position will give you plenty of space to get comfortable and make minor body adjustments when driving long distances.


It is also recommended to never drive with your back pockets full. Yes, many people utilize their back pockets for cellphone, billfold, and car keys storage. While this works wonderfully when mobile, it is not a good idea when driving a vehicle. Remove all the items out of your front and back pockets before taking the driver’s seat. You can place these items in the glove box or an organizer where you will have instant access to them all the time.

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