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Taliban Government has already announced an “Attack on Pakistan, not jihad,” Afghan official



Taliban Government has already announced an Attack on Pakistan, not jihad, Afghan official

(CTN News) – According to a high-ranking Afghan ambassador, the Islamic Emirate, or the Taliban government, has previously declared in a fatwa (decree) that carrying out attacks in “Pakistan is not jihad” (holy war).

The acting consul general at the Afghan consulate in Peshawar, Hafiz Mohibullah Shakir, told Geo News that the military ministry of the neighboring nation had also made it plain that invading Pakistan did not qualify as jihad.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) terrorist group has safe havens in Afghanistan, and the neighboring country’s territory is being exploited for attacks against Pakistan, according to the Pakistani government, which has repeatedly emphasized this point.

Even though 2023 is still months away from ending, Pakistan has seen an increase in terror occurrences since the Afghan Taliban took over the country’s government in 2021. According to officials, attacks on security personnel in 2023 were carried out by Afghan nationals, making it the worst year in eight years.

The proscribed TTP is “taking shelter on the Afghan soil,” according to Asif Durrani, Pakistan’s special representative on Afghanistan, who also stated that the group’s attacks on Pakistan along its borders have risen.

Voice of America stated last month that 200 suspected militants involved in strikes against Pakistan had been captured by the interim Afghan rulers in response to Pakistan’s repeated demands that they take action. The story was based on information provided by Pakistani officials.

Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Taliban’s representative, and interim foreign minister Jalil Abbas Jilani met earlier this month during an international conference held in China.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Jilani “underscored that challenges confronting regional peace and stability be addressed in collaborative spirit through collective strategies”.

Shakir claimed in an interview with Geo News that TTP members had moved to Afghanistan between 2014 and 2021, when Ashraf Ghani, the country’s former president, was supported by the US. It was the Taliban that toppled him. The ambassador went on, “I want to be clear: No attacks will be launched from Afghanistan on Pakistan.”

Refugees With only five days remaining and millions of Afghans still living in Pakistan, the administration in Islamabad has issued an ultimatum for unlawful Afghan refugees there to leave the nation by November 1 or risk deportation.

The acting Afghan consul general stated, “We have no objections to the decision taken regarding Afghan refugees, but an appropriate method should be adopted to send them back.”

He suggested that giving the Afghan refugees more time to finalize their arrangements in Pakistan would be preferable. “We have also scheduled their arrival [in Afghanistan],” he continued.

“People in Afghanistan can now get on with their business. Shakir added, “But it’s true that when Afghan refugees return, things will be difficult at first.

After several terrorist assaults this month in which it was discovered that Afghan nationals were behind 14 out of 24 suicide bombings, the caretaker government ordered all “aliens”—including 1.73 million Afghan citizens—to depart the nation.

According to the United Nations (UN), refugees living in Pakistan ought to be free to leave the nation at their own discretion and not be subjected to coercion. Since the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, Pakistan has taken in millions of Afghan refugees.

According to the US State Department this week, the US has also “strongly” pressed Afghanistan’s neighbors, especially Pakistan, to respect their commitments to assist refugees and to grant admission to Afghans seeking protection.

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