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11 People in Thailand Infected with Malaria By Macaque Monkey Parasite

Health officials in Southern Thailand are on high alert after 11 people became infected with a strain of malaria that primarily infect the macaque...

Police Officer Who Struck and Killed Doctor Leaves Monkhood

A police officer facing charges for killing a doctor on a pedestrian crossing with his Ducati 795 motorcycle has left the monkhood with his...

2021 WWF Greater Mekong Report Lists New Monkey Species

2021 WWF World Wildlife Fund's latest update on the Greater Mekong Region reveals 224 new species, including a ghostly white monkey with ghostly rings...

“Food Galore” Thailand’s Monkey Banquet Festival Returns

In Lopburi in central Thailand, thousands of monkeys feasted on two tonnes of fruits and vegetables as part of the town's Monkey Festival after...

Video of Monkey Grabbing Toddler Shocks Netizens Worldwide

A video of a monkey grabbing and dragging a toddler away on a street in Indonesia has gone viral on the internet, leaving netizens...

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