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Fears and Fake News Over the Coronavirus Spurs Food Hoarding Frenzy

Social media is giving people partial information. Furthermore not all the facts, and that magnified their concerns. It is has zipping information and misinformation around the world at unprecedented speeds. Its fueling food hoarding everywhere.

Thai Police Arrest Women for Sharing Fake News About Coronavirus

Thailand's cyber police have arrested 2 women for spreading fake news online about the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak. A Bangkok woman and another in Rayong...

Cyber Police Arrest 4 People for Spreading Fake Coronavirus News

Thai cyber police have arrested four people for allegedly spreading fake news about the COVID-19 virus, in coordinated raids in four provinces. Cyber police armed...

Fake News Rife on Social Media as Coronavirus Fears Spread

Thailand's Anti-Fake News Centre has reported that over 75% of news reports on the coronavirus on Thai social media is fake. The anti- fake...

Thailand’s PM Says Fake News About the Coronavirus the Worst Threat

The most important thing now, is to take good care of the public in Thailand. He also dismissed fake news allegations that the Government has been hiding the truth about the number of confirmed cases in Thailand.

Two Arrested for Spreading Fake News About Coronavirus

To counter the spread of fake news, he said the ministry was working with health authorities to produce easy-to-understand infographics for the public.

Thailand Launches ‘Fake News’ Cyber Scrutiny Centre

The Anti-Fake News Centre will start work on Friday using AI and human monitors to flag posts on everything from health care to government policies

Facebook Thailand Launches Fake News Checker

The use of the checker tool by Facebook can only partially mitigate the problem. The overall issue requires the cooperation of the general public, the government, and other online social media platforms.

Thailand Wants Tech Firms to Set Up Centers Against Fake News

BANGKOK - Thailand is proposing that tech companies set up centers in each of the 10 ASEAN countries to curb the flow of “fake...

Thailand’s Army Chief Says “Fake News” is Thailand’s Biggest Threat

"The army was is now fighting a struggle compared to that against communist insurgents with the challenge now being "Fake News"

Thailand’s Defense Ministry Dismisses Article on Gen Prawit’s Alleged Wealth as Fake News

BANGKOK - Thailand’s Ministry of Defense has described an article as fake news from an overseas-based website which named Deputy Prime Minister Gen.Prawit Wongsuwan,...

Thai Junta Security Spokesman Warns Over Sharing Fake News on Social Media

BANGKOK - After the transfer of former immigration bureau chief Pol Lt Gen Surachet Hakpan to work as a special advisor to the Prime...

British Lawmakers Brand Facebook and Other Tech Firms “‘Digital Gangsters”

LONDON - British lawmakers issued a scathing report Monday that calls for tougher rules to keep Facebook and other tech firms from acting like...

Thailand’s Junta Prime Minister Quashes Section 44 Coup Order as Fake News

  BANGKOK - Thailand's Junta Prime Minister, army general Prayut Chan-o-cha, said on Monday that copies of a fake Section 44 order for the removal...

Is CNN Biased Against Trump? Amazingly Biased, It Borders on Fake News

   Tim Ventura, a Digital Marketing Executive posted a screenshot on Quora from CCN’s website - it is from actual headlines for Feb 10th, 2018,...

Facebook Shuts Down Huge Iranian Led Manipulation Campaign

  SAN FRANCISCO - A Facebook internal cyber security official said Thursday it Facebook took down hundreds of accounts from Iran that were part of...

Facebook Thailand to Bar Foreign Electoral Ads Prior to Election

  BANGKOK - Facebook in Thailand will bar foreign-based election advertisements in Thailand in the lead-up to March elections, the company said Thursday, after being...

European Union Urges Internet Giants to Intensify Fight Against Fake News fight

  BRUSSELS - The European Union on Tuesday urged advertising trade associations and US internet giants to intensify the fight against disinformation campaigns from suspects...

Academic’s “Slam Media” Covering Rescue Operations at Tham Luang Cave

CHIANG RAI - The media covering rescue operations at Tham Luang Cave has been urged to use its influence to change Thai society from...

America’s ABC News “Offers Apology” After Being Called Out Over Blatant Fake News

  NEW YORK - America's ABC News has offered an apology for a graphic (Fake News) that incorrectly said that former Trump campaign manager Paul...

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