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Damming the Mekong

Giving Local Rivers a Voice Against China’s Damming Policies

Activist Pianporn "Pai" Deetes' fight against China's damming policies along the lower stretches of the Mekong River by the Chinese government is a David-versus-Goliath...

Laos Government Approves Another Mega Dam on the Mekong River

The Laos Government is preparing to build the seventh of nine planned large-scale mega dams on the Mekong River in 2022. The latest project...

China’s Push to Control the Mekong River a “Troubling Trend”

BANGKOK - The United States has expressed concern over Chinese dam building, dredging and other activities on the Mekong River in Southeast Asia, calling...

China Pledges to Manage Mekong River Better to Alleviate Drought

BANGKOK - China'sForeign Minister Wang Yi, has pledged that China will help Thailand manage water in the Mekong River that it now completely controls. China...

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