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The New Generation of 5G – The Benefits of this 5G Network

Some of you may already be using the 5G network because it has been available in many countries for several months, however, for the...

In Today World Good Internet Service is More Important Than Ever

Back in 2016, the Human Rights Council of the United Nations General Assembly declared that access to the internet to be a basic human...

Thailand Now the Leading Nation Out of 34 Countries in 5G Rollout

Beginning in 2019, the major first 5G rollout took until 2020. In January of 2020, a total of 34 countries had adopted the technology...

Communist China Deserves Donald Trump a Human Wrecking Ball

NEW YORK - A U.S. businessman friend of mine who works in China remarked to me recently that Donald Trump is not the American...

Thailand Seeks to Sell Three 5G Licenses at Bt1.7 Billion Each

BANGKOK - Thailand plans to sell three 700 megahertz spectrum licenses for a total of about 53 billion baht ($1.7 billion) as part of...

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